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The Brief

A digital marketing agency in Nottingham, We Are Marketable invited me to help continue and extend both their socials, and outsourced socials for their clients. 

Nikki McCaig Mistletoe & Twine

Social Media Management

incl. asset creation, design, support and scheduling.


incl. social guidelines, advice, one-to-one consultancy.


incl. content strategy, copy editing and proofing

we are marketable Social Feeds

Utilising the big variety of services, case studies and testimonials We Are Marketable has to hand, their socials reflect their achievements and potential. With sharp, high-tech, modern imagery and electric blue palettes, their social feeds are designed to attract new client bases and demographics. 

"We've been working with Nikki on multiple projects over the last year, she's been helping to support our internal team with experience when it comes to social media and content. We knew she'd be the person to talk to when we wanted to deliver certain projects and she definitely delivered. Would definitely recommend her to anyone. "

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The We Are Marketable feed is a big part of their social and visual output. Prioritising meaningful and relevant imagery over a niche aesthetic, the Instagram is a huge drive for diverse audiences and traffic which can then be converted into potential clientele.

Utilising the brand colours, themes and typography of the existing We Are Marketable branding, the accompanying Facebook page is driven by informative and engaging content. Make use of the core services and principles of the business, the Facebook page is used to connect to a more local and direct business audience. 

Nikki McCaig we are marketable

Social Themes 

Branding: Digital | Intelligent | Minimal | Fun | Office | City | Electricity | Data | Strength | Sharp | Coffee | Desk | Technology


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