Nikki McCaig Sleep

Let’s Talk About Sleep: The Power of a Good 40 Winks

I am the very definition of an early bird. Bright, 7am starts are my calling, and there’s no sound more calming than the sound of the kettle boiling whilst the rest of the world snoozes. Sunrises always beat sunsets, and I’m at my most creative sipping coffee in my pyjamas, feeling like the only person … Continue reading Let’s Talk About Sleep: The Power of a Good 40 Winks

Nikki McCaig Coffee

The Importance of Co-Working Spaces

Finding a good place to work can be a struggle. Traipsing busy, crowded streets looking for anywhere that serves good coffee, with a quiet vibe and plenty of plugs for chargers. When you finally find somewhere that works, you spend 90% of your time plucking up the courage to ask for the wifi password, trying … Continue reading The Importance of Co-Working Spaces

C R E A T E | Design Your Own Business Cards | Digital

Your business card should the best of you. A miniaturised portfolio of everything you can do, pocket-sized and perfect for showing off, networking and sharing your skills with the world. Here are my top tips on designing the right business card for your blog, and how to hand it out without ruining the moment.

R E B R A N D | 5 Signs Your Blog Needs A Rebrand | Digital

Rebranding your blog can be a big scary transition, and should not be undertaken lightly. But sometimes, when you know it's time, it's worth considering the hastle.