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Interview with the Mindful Agency | Share Your Story

Interview with the Mindful Agency | Share Your Story

Written by Nikki McCaig

Interview with Hannah Wilkinson, founder of The Mindful Agency

Over the years, I’ve worked with, become friends with, been inspired by and had the pleasure to interview some truly incredible women. I firmly believe that every woman, no matter her profession, age, passions or misfortunes has an inspirational story to tell, and as my platform begins to grow, I want to help share those stories.

This week, I’m incredibly excited to interview Hannah Wilkinson, founder of creative marketing agency: The Mindful Agency. Running a beautiful, and successful, Instagram account, blog and site, The Mindful Agency has a brand based around sustainability and mindfulness. It truly is a pleasure to speak to her today.

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Tell us a little bit about you, and what inspired you to create The Mindful Agency.

After working in digital marketing for over 7 years and living in London for the past 4, I saw there was a huge gap in the market for a social media agency specialising in sustainability marketing. After starting a new job and quickly realising it just wasn’t for me (on top of despising my daily commute into London) I started to allow the idea to come into fruition… and haven’t looked back since! Long story short – go forth and do what makes you happy!

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What are the key areas the Mindful Agency specialises in?

Our focus is social media strategy, management and coaching. But we also offer help with influencer management and content development… We’re your one stop shop for all things social!

Do you believe sustainability and mindfulness have a big place in marketing?

A huge place! Younger generations in particular are so switched on and more than any other generation are more involved with things like activism, politics and environmentalism. Brands really need to have more transparent, mindful and compassionate marketing in order to appeal to this new audience, as well as being held accountable for their impact on the environment.  

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Over the years, what do you believe has been your biggest achievement in terms of your marketing practices?

I’m very grateful for the opportunities I had while working in the digital team at Stella McCartney. Getting to fulfil my childhood dream of working at Paris fashion week has been the biggest career highlight to date, but I also had the chance to work on incredible campaigns in collaboration with truly inspiring charities like Sea Shepherd which really opened my eyes to marketing products with purpose and compassion.

Which women inspire you to keep working and creating?

I’m lucky that I have a lot of female role models in my personal life, my friends in particular (who are all totally badass) inspire and push me constantly through all the amazing goals they accomplish. I think it’s vital to surround yourself with people who make you want to be the best version of yourself.

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What do you believe is the key tool to running a successful marketing campaign?

I think the most important thing is purposeful content. Brands often expect that their marketing campaigns should be received with immediate success, but often forget to ask themselves the question – “is this the type of content our audience really wants to see?” (Sounds simple but it’s so often overlooked!) Your audience are giving up their precious time to engage with your campaign, so you need to make it worth their while!

Where do you see The Mindful Agency in five years?

In five years, I’d love to have expanded the team, moved into a permanent office location and be in collaboration with some of my favourite brands in the industry… Watch this space!

Thank you so much for speaking to me today!

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