what can my services do for you?

Digital and creative marketing can help your business to make its mark on the industry. 

My services allow you the time and space to work on your business, whilst I work on promoting it. 

Services | Nikki McCaig


Branding & identity

Branding is my most popular service, helping brands to reach new audiences on a visual level. 


Social Media Marketing

Social Media Management is a service in which I take responsibility for a brand’s entire social media services and output.


Inclusive Marketing

Inclusive Marketing involves working with businesses to help them deliver modern, diverse and equality-driven marketing.


Content Marketing

Content Marketing is a blanket service where I help brands to strategise and effectively market their delivered content



I offer guest blogging and guest appearances on blogs, podcasts and webshows.



I write freelance articles on important, personal topics as well as industry-specific reports.

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