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what is the lonely freelancer

why did I start the lonely freelancer podcast?

For years, I’ve been streaming and recommending my favourite podcasts, on a huge variety of topics. From celebrities, to comedy, to mental health and wellness, I love hearing other people’s stories in a condensed and relaxed setting. 

I wanted to start my own podcast as another way to get my voice out there and share my experiences as a freelancer, a mental health sufferer, a working woman and an organisational geek. 

why you should listen to the lonely freelancer podcast?

If you’ve ever wanted to know what it’s like to really work from your house every day of the week – you’ll like the lonely freelancer. 

If you like hearing other people’s experiences with mental health in the workplace and the stresses of a side hustle, you should listen to the lonely freelancer. 

If you enjoy nothing more than hearing a highly caffeinated person colour-coordinating her inbox on a monday morning, you’ll love the lonely freelancer. 

want to find out more about my experiences? 

Did you know I also write a weekly blog too? I share my thoughts and advice on starting out in freelancing and coping with working from home! 


Listener Reviews

Take a look at some comments from my happy listeners

'The Lonely Freelancer has really helped me to understand and empathise with the freelance journey. It's a great weekly listen, and I'm always impressed with the advice given. '
Christmas Freelance Nikki McCaig
Elliot Murray
Full Time App Developer
"I always listen to the Lonely Freelancer with a notebook and pen, as it's full of good advice and tips for my business. I can't wait to start my own freelance career, and TLF has inspired me to give it a go."
Learning To Be An Unproductive Millennial
Sophie Lloyd-Ashton
Self-Employed doggy daycare owner

Want to share your experiences on The Lonely Freelancer Podcast?

Running a podcast can be a lonely job, and I’m always looking for guest speakers to come along and share their experiences. So if you want to share your thoughts on the weekly 9-5, a recent social media trend or have a great workplace story to share, get in touch!