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The Brief

A business offering many different services, I was brought on board to help develop the social and content marketing for their Childrens Play Centre. Working to their existing branding, I was able to integrate a new content strategy, improving overall engagement. 

Nikki McCaig pirates play centre


incl. brand guidelines, colour matching, social themes.

Social Media Management

incl. asset creation, design, support and scheduling.


incl. social guidelines, advice, one-to-one consultancy.

pirates play centre

Engaging with the fun, vibrant and bright primary colour palette of child-friendly branding, the Play Centre brand rests on red, blue and yellow. With fun, vibrant characters bringing together the different assets required for cohesive branding, the socials and marketing materials are unique and visually appealing.  

"Nikki came on board to help us deliver and manage our social output, and support us through our new website development. She was able to go above and beyond to create some fun and engaging socials, deliver consistent content through our site and was responsible for establishing our brilliant blog. "

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The Play Centre socials are focusing predominantly on informative, current content over visual assets. Keeping in tone with th fun, nautical themes of the physical brand, the digital socials are designed to reach a much broader audience – highlighting the diverse range of activities and opportunities available within the play centre. 

Working with the new website, the play centre content strategy relies on informative copy and engaging blog posts. The tone is light, fun and appealing, using a child-friendly tone to appeal to parents and potential customers. 

Nikki McCaig pirates play centre

Social Themes 

Branding: Play | Fun | Children | Holiday | Colour | Pirates | Soft | Climbing | Education | Blue | Community | Outdoors | Classes | Babies | Sunshine


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