Prints – Feminist

Prints for the powerful, and the resistant. Feminism is a movement tainted by oppression, so let’s be free to speak. Dress yourself in motivation, inspiration and strength.

‘Underestimate’ –   Let them underestimate you..jpg

‘To the window’ – to-the-window-to-the-wall-we-will-fight-and-smash-them-all

‘Petty Dream’ –       Girls don't dream of pretty shoes and diamonds. They dream of petty men and war..jpg

‘Hold your own’ – hold-your-own-doors-open

‘Beauty’ –                  Beauty lies in your self..jpg

‘Ignorance’ –     equality-is-simple-ignorance-is-complicated

‘Girls, grow up’ –     Girls, Grow up smart Grow up pretty Grow up kind Grow up strong.jpg

‘#NoWall’ –                    'Sorry, but a wall of ignorance just doesn't fit into my plans for world domination'.jpg