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Mindamigo is a mental health app, offering free CBT and ACT therapies, as well as providing independent support for those suffering from mental health problems. 



Mindamigo required the following services to help promote their business:

social marketing

Developing an ethical, empathetic and effective strategy for Instagram, Reels and TikTok content promotion.


Providing honest and useful advice on various social media strategies, carrying out detailed social analytics research and aiding further social growth.

video marketing

Creating engaging and inspirational video content, designed to connect with and reach the right target audience.

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social marketing

I helped Mindamigo to share and promote both their brand and its services through the platforms of Instagram and Tiktok. Using both video and image-based content, I set up a social strategy based on their core themes:

Mindamigo | Nikki McCaig


Established social feed

Mindamigo now have a consistent, on-brand and impactful Instagram feed, an on-going video strategy and an engaged audience base.

user engagement

Mindamigo now has a positive relationship with a target audience and has a growing following, that is continuing to expand.

social structure

Mindamigo now has a clear and defined social schedule and structure in place, with room for new branches of content to be implemented

brand awareness

Mindamigo has also been promoted by several key digital influencers, helping to encourage strong brand awareness on its selected platforms.

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reel views
users reached

"Nikki has done an exceptional job in creating some really engaging content to help establish and grow the social media channels for Mindamigo on Instagram and Tiktok. As someone who is not adept in the world of social media, she has also helped me to understand the social media landscape. Highly recommend

Adam Chadwick