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Wellness Hacks for Busy Girls

Disclaimer: In this blog post, I’m using my own personal definition of wellness. This includes healthy sleep, skincare, beauty and personal care. This does not mean I am recommending any  health or mental health practises, and these ‘hacks’ should not be used as a substitute for medically recommended care.

Wellness. The buzzword of 2017, now being carried on over and translated into the ‘self care’ phase of 2018. And don’t get me wrong, self care is fantastic. Allowing young people to selfish in the most positive and well natured way possible is something that society has struggled with for so long, and now having the chance to explore that is opening up so many opportunities for goodness. Self care can mean different things to different people as well – to some it means self empowerment, to others it means emotional self preservation, and to some it means self care of the self and the skin it lives in. So wellness is brilliant – but for some of us, it’s not always achievable.

Busy schedules, long nights, small budgets and restricting living situations can make completing complex wellness routines complicated and difficult. No one wants to come home after a hard day of work and spend three hours doing yoga in their living room with an exfoliating scrub on their face and a sticky green smoothie in their hand. So I’ve come up with some quick and simple hacks to including more wellness if your life, without compromising on your busy lifestyle!

Indoor Plants

Plants and greenery are the epitome of the ‘wellness’ girl aesthetic, so why not invest in a couple of succulents, or small indoor plants to tuck onto your bedside table. Plants are a great way to increase positive energy and oxygen into a living space, especially when you sleep, so keeping a few pots around your bed is definitely going to be a boost to your system. There are even certain plants that don’t require an enormous amount of care, which can mean that you don’t need to spend more than a couple of minutes watering them.

Mindfulness Sprays

This might sound like a bit of a con, and I can’t promise that they’ll work for everyone – but for me, I love them. Currently I’m using the Audrey and Lewis Mindfulness Presence Spray in Forest Mint and Sweet Orange – and it’s perfect. I’ve always loved minty scents, and I find them incredibly soothing, so the Audrey and Lewis spray is perfect for a quick spritz into my daily routine that actually helps me to feel calmer. This particular spray can be used on the room, pillow and face, and is a really peaceful addition to my wellness routine. I use this every night on my pillow before bed, every time I’m going to be sitting in my room for a while, and just after I’ve woken up on my face. Plus this spray was only £4 from TK Maxx, so definitely on the budget-friendly side of the scale.

Youtube Yoga

This is a new find of mine in my wellness routine, but one that I’m easily growing to love. 15 minute yoga tutorials on Youtube are one of the easiest ways to induce a quick session of mindfulness and calm into a busy schedule. Without paying for expensive classes, or even leaving the comfort of your living room, all these tutorials require is a good internet connection and 15 minutes of your day! This is a really clever, but super short and time saving ways to both stretch and relax your muscles before the day, or night ahead.

Wellness Teas

There’s nothing more soothing for the soul than a good cup of tea, so why not swap out your usual milk and two sugars for a little cup of wellness instead? From simple herbal teas, like peppermint and ginger, to more self-care related tea bags, designed to help relax, calm and soothe you before bed. My personal favourite pre-bed tea right now is one I picked up from Holland and Barrett called Cuppanut! It’s a completely eco-friendly tea bag set, with biodegradable bags and box, in a subtly sweet Coconut Infusion flavour. Essentially tasting like toasty coconut water, it’s so calming and enjoyable to drink, and I love it.


For a long time, I believed that vitamins were just for children, sporting enthusiasts and those with a deficiency of some kind. It turns out I was wrong, and after recently speaking to someone with an actual professional accreditation in skincare, I found that the reason behind my troublesome skin was actually lack of Vitamin E. So I started taking healthy Vitamin E capsules, with fish oil, every morning and night, and I really can see the difference. But not only have they improved my skin, but they’ve helped my hair become softer and shinier, and my nails have suddenly started growing a lot faster in the few weeks I’ve been taking them. But vitamins are a really easy hack for wellness, in that you barely have to think about taking them, it doesn’t matter if you miss a day, and they can only do you good through all natural ingredients.

Wash Your Damn Face

When I was a student, my ‘trick’ was to sleep in my make up, and then just wake up having rubbed it all into my skin throughout the night. My skin was so dry that it instantly absorbed products like foundation and concealer, so I never thought I needed to remove it at the end of the day. This was bad. Taking off your make up, washing your face and cleansing your skin is something that is such an important step when it comes to wellness, but one that many of us skip. Or we end up resorting to harmful skincare wipes that harm our skin out of sheer exhaustion and laziness. So what I did to motivate myself to start actually cleansing my skin was to remove the temptation, and I actively stopped topping up my wipes. Instead I bought two facial cleansers, one for exfoliating clear skin and one for dissolving make up, and I use them every night without fail. I bought a cheap face cloth, I scrape back my hair, and I just get it done. My skin has never looked better since using this method, and it’s one that I wish my student self had been aware of.

Once you’re in the wellness mindset, more tricks of the trade will become available to you. 30 minute yoga videos, toners and facial scrubs, sheet masks and cleansing crystals will become a normal part of your daily routine, and you’ll feel every bit of the goddess you should do. But for now, let’s take it one step at a time with a couple of hacks to help make you feel as well as possible about your body.

Thanks for reading this week’s blog post, I hope you enjoyed it!