Three years ago, a girl in her bedroom sat down on her bed, opened her laptop, and started a blog.

NikkiMcCaig.com is the blog of freelance writer, digital marketer, copywriter and photographer Nikki McCaig. Now living and working in Nottingham, this blog was initially written first as her escape from the unfamiliarity of first year university. Now it has become her unique site of aesthic creativity, where she shares her travels, her routines, her wisdoms and her stories for all who want to read it.

Every photo is taken through her lens, and every blog post is written by her hand, as she grows up and into the strange new world developing around her.

Always on the look out for adventure, and always with an eye for her own personal brand of beauty, she sits behind a computer and creates the content you see before you – lovingly packaged and cautiously constructed to present to you: NikkiMcCaig.com

giphy (5).gif


Disclaimer: NikkiMcCaig is a personal blog, therefore any views shared here are of a personal opinion, and I hold full responsibility for them. I would ask that the images shared on this site are not taken or reposted without full credit i.e. my name, and a link to the blog post from which they came from, and/or permission from myself. All images on this blog are my own, or of my own creation. This is also a PR-friendly blog, and companies who wish may sponsor me to write about their products, or send me their products for free to review. Any views I share on these products will be of my own construction, and will not be influenced by the payment received. As a general rule, I firmly believe that ‘I will not recommend anything to my readers I would not recommend to my friends’, therefore if I dislike a product, or find no benefit from it, I will not recommend it dishonestly.


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