Social Media Management | SERVICES

As part of my freelance marketing portfolio, I offer social media management. As an additional, long term solution to the the social media consultancy – or as an individual services – I provide full social media management for brands and clients.

WHAT DOES SOCIAL MEDIA management include?

Social Media Management is taking responsibility for a brand’s entire social media services and output. This includes: 

  • Creating a social media strategy 
  • Curating a content plan for each social media platform 
  • Designing assets and graphics for the social platforms 
  • Posting and scheduling content to be delivered 
  • Creating campaigns i.e. seasonal, promotional, brand-related 
  • Sending over personalised monthly social reports 

Client Interaction

Have worked in Marketing for over 5 years, I understand the natural anxiety that comes with handing over the reigns to your valuable social channels. Therefore, I always aim to maintain consistent communication with my clients, provide regular updates on social progress and allow them full access to the content plans before any piece of content is scheduled. 

These will be sent across to the client for approval, and a Trello board will be set up to create an initial content plan using the recommended changes.


A social media manager is a key part of any essential marketing campaign. 

They can provide the overarching support of all streams of marketing communication on behalf of the brand. Working to the approval of the client, the media manager creates, schedules, delivers and reports on all content – allowing the client to have a completely hands – off experience. 

The social media manager is also a key part of the brand strategy, helping to further the brand message and voice as well contributing to the creation of it. Not only providing a fresh, unbiased and professional perspective on your brand, they can create seamless documents for the continued deliverance of the given socials once the contract has ended. 


If you would like to set up a consultation with me, get in touch through my contact page.