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Edinburgh City Lookbook 

Call me materialistic, but I was researching the high street looks of the Edinburgh fashion world long before I even booked the tickets. With films like One Day, and shows like Clique giving me a sense of stylised wanderlust for the softly-dressed and heavily peacoated residents of Scotland, I spent my days imagining dark umbrellas and round thick rimmed glasses. I was picturing grey oversized jumpers, tightly bound scarves and heavy duty boots, resting next to a steaming cup of creamy rich coffee and a buttery slice of shortbread. So when it actually came around to packing for my adventure, I had a pretty good of what to take. My first outfit: Jumpers, Jeans and Boots. Despite the fact that our holiday was in the middle of May, it seemed to rain a little every day we were there, and it wasn’t particularly warm either. So a cropped emerald green jumper, a pair of my comfiest jeans, and my favourite black heeled boots , dressed smartly with a light monochrome static duster coat felt like a safe option to go with.

-Taken from Fashion | Edinburgh City Lookbook 

7 Ways to Style a Spring Office Look 

With the winter jumpers and autumn scarves firmly folded away, and the summer shorts still too shy to make it outside this April, our wardrobes are most definitely stuck in spring. And in spring, only the brightest, softest and most delicately dressed garments can make it out into the sunshine with us. From pastel ponchos to floral footwear, we all know how to soft-style this season outdoors. But a girl’s wardrobe must be ready for more than spring days in the sun. And us working girls have a lot more to dress for than iced coffee dates and flower picking this season. High profile meetings, upcoming deadlines, greeting clients, and just generally being a boss don’t always work with sheer daisy skirts and flower crowns. If your office is more ‘crisp-shirt everyday’ than ‘casual Friday’, this might be the look for you. For a more subtle, yet still cute spring hint, try a floral shirt in the dark end of the colour palette. Head for the blues, blacks, indigos and forest greens for an understated bloom, and pair with some simple black jeans and boots for a smart, formal yet still super adorable style.

– Taken from Fashion | 7 Ways to Style a Spring Office Look 

Autumn Lookbook: Conkers and Cowboy Boots

I see autumn as dark. Gone are the crisp whites and pastel yellows of spring, and the startling greens of summer. Autumn is dark logs under flames and steaming dark hot chocolates in curved mugs as cosy as cream. And so what we wear becomes dark too. Darker lips and darker shades and dark jackets with tartan scarves to bundle up into on windy walks. And aside from the standard autumnal fare of pumpkin oranges, berry reds and mustard yellows, the hues of blue, grey and indigo also seem to settle across us in rainbow tones of dark.  Currently, I’m obsessed with this multi-fabric pilot jacket from Primark. Its leather sleeves, suede body piece and rabbit soft cream fur fold beautifully around as I step into autumn, and I’m in love with its streamlined shape. It’s the perfect jacket for transitioning between the humidity of summer and the rapid chill sweeping into England right now – not too hot, not too cold. The Goldilocks porridge of every autumnal walk!

-Taken from Fashion | Autumn Lookbook: Conkers and Cowboy Boots