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My Daily Skincare Routine 

Your daily skin care routine is something that every blogger should be proud of. Taking the time out of our busy working lives to focus on a little bit of self care and personal grooming is nothing be ashamed of, and it’s a vital part of my nightly relxation. With the stresses of personal dramas, daily commutes and diaries full of events comes clogged pores, dry patches and fine lines that no one wants to reveal beneath our concealer. So a little bit of pampering at the end of the day is the perfect way to top up your beauty regime, and de-stress after a seriously long haul.

To take off the base of my make up, and completely clear my face of any grime and dirt picked up throughout the day, I use the B. Refined Exfoliating Cleanser – an old favourite from Superdrug. Great for sensitive skin, and with the added bonus of exfolitating dead skin whilst cleansing away my imperfections, it’s a daily must in my skincare schedule. To apply, I simply squeeze a little onto my fingers and rub into a foam before gently buffing into the larger areas of my skin e.g. cheeks, forehead, nose and chin. This cleanser has such a beautiful scent, and is so light on the skin that I never have to worry about flaring or redness following application, and it really has made such a difference to my skin.

– Taken from GLOW | My Daily Skincare Routine 

Indestructible: Rimmel London Super Gel 

Our lives are chaotic and hetic and every other busy-jective that ends in an ‘ic’. And the make up wearing souls amongst us need beauty products that can stand up to the testing hours of our working schedules. The Super Gel does that. So far, having simply picked up the bottle on a casual beauty browse, I’ve been wearing it for nearly a week, and I’ve not once needed to top up, re-apply or re-polish. Only accompanied by a standard clear base and top coat, my nails still look amazing after 1 blog shoot, 5 days of typing, 20 cups of coffee, 7 days of make up application, 4 showers, 6 bowls of washing up, and 2 attempts at flower arranging. And the paint hasn’t budged.

-Taken from INDESTRUCTIBLE | Rimmel London Super Gel  

May 2017 Birchbox Review 

The Birchbox is beautiful – there is no way to deny it. Perfectly inkeeping with the universal blogger aesthetic, it’s marbled surface and pastel pink drawer are lined with ribbons of rose gold, and it truly is a stunning addition to any make up collection.  Cleverly disguised cardboard in a beautiful trend-setting immersion, it’s such a lovely storage facility for your favourite make up products that the actual samples inside almost don’t matter. Except they do . They really really do. Inside this box is a collection of uniquely selected and broadly ranging beauty products that, whilst might not help top up your existing archives of make up, are teeny samples of products, designed to help beauty additcs explore the unheard of brand names in the worlds of beauty.

-Taken from May 2017 Birchbox Review