Content Marketing | SERVICES

As a key part of my freelance services, I offer content marketing services for my clients. This services covers all forms of written and visual content, utilising my skills in writing and digital design to help clients and brands showcase the best of their products. 

What does content marketing include? 

Content Marketing is a blanket service where I help brands to strategise and effectively market their delivered content. From creating the content myself, i.e. through designs, blog posts, press releases, copywriting and other forms of media, to promoting the content through social media and public channels, I work with clients to achieve the best coverage of their best work. 

This service includes: 

  • Creating blog post content 
  • Copywriting services 
  • Digital assets for social media 
  • Long form posts for public channels 
  • Press releases 
  • Public news and updates 

how can my brand benefit from content marketing?

All brands can benefit from effective and innovative content marketing. Investing in a content marketing manager allows the client to enjoy a professional and experience approach to marketing their business and products in the right way for optimum results. 

Not only will a content marketer be able to understand the best way to reach and engage your target audience, they can also offer a fast turn around on written content for easy delivery to existing readers. Regular communications updates with audiences can help to keep them inspired, entertained and interested in your brand, serving a constant reminder that your services are of good quality and that your name represents intelligent communication. 

As a client, the approval and sign off the content will always lie with you, whilst the leg work lies with the freelancer. Whether you’re looking for a full copywriting refresh, a time sensitive press release or a new blog series, your content marketer can help. 


If you want to talk more about my content marketing services, get in touch through my contact page!