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I Changed The Way I Blog

Nikki McCaig Blog

For many years, my attitude to blogging was consistent. I would buy something pretty, take a million and one photos of it, write a review and upload. Rinse repeat, rinse repeat. I didn’t dare to step out of my comfortable ‘beauty and fashion’ bubble because I didn’t want to be alone. I wanted to do what all of my favourite bloggers were doing, and to write about the things they were writing about. But slowly, as they grew richer and richer and began to deliver more high end (and high quality) content, a distant began to form between me and the beauty blogging community.
I tried, a couple of times, to dip my toes into some of the other blogging niches.

Baking became too expensive and time consuming, interiors became a struggle as I moved from one mouldy student house to another, and travel blogging just wasn’t feasible on my tiny monthly budget. One thing that many people don’t realise is just how costly blogging can become – with props, products, photography equipment, hosting charges and travel costs all mounting up with very little return. I also had the startling realisation that blogging wasn’t actually going to be my full time job. I wouldn’t become the next Zoella (of course, as an adult I’m actually rather pleased about that), and I wouldn’t be able to spend my life writing one blog post a week and earning a living. I would have to find something steady…I would have to get a career.

This thought was the one that prompted me to change the way I blog. It encouraged me to switch up my blog into a website, designing an actual homepage and menu, rather than just a long list of blog titles. It prompted me to look into internships and apprenticeships and jobs relevant to blogging. It definitely shaped my long term goals – rather depressingly – into entirely practical achievements, such as ‘pay rent’ ‘buy food’ and ‘don’t go bankrupt’. Most of all, it changed the way I blog.

How I Blog Now

Nikki McCaig Blog

My blogging style, right now, is good. I’m happy with the content I’m producing, and judging by the amount of lovely comments I’ve been recieving recently, I’m not the only one. I’ve shifted from a ‘one niche only’ blogger to a ‘girlboss’ blogger, where I share my advice and tips on how to be successful, rather than how to spend spend spend. My content now encourages women to kick ass in the boardroom, rather than empty their purses at beauty counters.

I’m becoming the blogger that my younger self would never have imagined becoming, and for me, that’s really really cool. I’ve always changed my approach to actually creating content. For one, I gave up my stubborn ideals of ‘only photos taken by the blogger should be used in the post’. This thought is bad – do not let it sway your entire attitude to blogging. Photography is expensive, stressful, and whilst it can look pretty when dicussing products, for the more general posts, images from great sites like Pexels and Unspash will do the job just as well. Taking that pointless pressure off myself also means that I’m now ready to blog whenever I want to – without having to schedule in time for photoshoots, or spend hours editing 3 badly set out flatlays.

Nikki McCaig Blog

My writing style is also better now. I look back on my old writing, and I cringe. I tried so hard to be as perky bright and positive as every blogger on the internet and completely ignored my actual personality. I got so nervous the day I had to write my first negative review that I had to upload it with my eyes closed. Now I have a new take on blogging, where I want my content to serve a purpose.

I want it to help people, to have a purpose, to promote my own hard work or the hard work done by other people. I want to advise people on discovering new ways to manage their mental health, to try new paths in business, to learn how to handle their social media and to control their own finances. I really love where my blog is at right now, and I’m going to try my best to keep up this kind of blogging – the blogging that makes me proud to be a blogger.

So thanks for sticking with me on this journey, I really hope you’re enjoying my new style of content and plan to stick around for a little bit longer.

Thanks for reading!

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  1. first off, congrats on 300 followers!i love this.i personally felt this way when I first started blogging, because my blog literally has no genre at all.i blog about everything I want to.its hard, in terms of blog growth, and in terms of confidence when it comes to blogging.but im sure you’ll thank yourself for expanding your genres!great work girl, I would love to collab someday!

  2. I really enjoyed this piece! There are some very excellent pieces of advice in here that I hope to implement. Kudos especially to the charity plug at the end—what an excellent idea and a service to others.

  3. Thank you so much! I’m really glad you liked my tips, and I hope they help 🙂 Yeah I loved the idea of promoting some charity causes through my blog so I thought popping them in at the end doesn’t disrupt the flow of the content, but still helps to raise awareness 🙂 <3

  4. Hahah thank you so much <3 finding a nice for your blog can be incredibly hard, so it's comforting to hear others going through the same thing! 🙂

  5. Woohoo!! Thank you! I didn’t even realise I’d hit 300 haha! It’s such a complicated era of blogging, and trying to find your niche is really hard! We’re expected to do it all so it’s nice to hear other people going through the same thing. It would be great to collab – drop me an email about it! <£

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