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meriam soryal life coaching

A self-employed life coach, working in Dubai, Meriam needed help establishing her social presence for an upcoming business venture. 

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Meriam Soryal | Nikki McCaig
the process

The brief required a warm, engaging and empowering approach to it’s marketing. The strategy entailed imagery-driven messaging and quality branding. 


Women's empowerment is crucial to both the industry and Meriam's business, so female driven content was vital.


Visuals of happy, positive women were a core part of the Meriam branding, helping to reinforce the outcomes of the coaching.


Strength, power and determination are the core themes of Meriams business, and are highlighted throughout her imagery.

Meriam Soryal Life Coaching | Nikki McCaig

social media

To help develop Meriam’s social and digital brand, I worked with her to establish a clear, visual identity for her business. Tying in her brand colours of gold, white and charcoal, I delivered the themes of empowerment, confidence and strength through imagery and strong graphic choices. 

digital management


Writing blog posts, proofreading copy, newsletters, event descriptions, campaigns and social posts.


Creating a solid, consistent and reliable strategy to help launch a new business into a popular market.

social marketing

Creating a consistent social media campaign, spreading across multiple seasons and retail markets.

graphic design

Designing social media posts, icons, newsletter assets and branding accompaniments for digital marketing purposes.

Meriam Soryal Life Coaching | Nikki McCaig

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