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A digital consulting agency in London and Nottingham. Their brand represents their spark in the industry in pinks, blacks and whites.

Fox Talbots

A local coffee shop specialising in homemade snacks, rich coffee and a strong community. Their branding is minimalist and warm, established in the high street.

Honey Bee Beautiful

A natural, British skincare brand made with real honey in Wales. Their brand is steeped in warm, sun kissed palettes and soft light imagery.

alix barker creative

A local artist and illustrator from Nottingham, selling creative and minimalist print and art pieces online for her business. 

pirates play centre

A large children’s play centre and party zone. Their branding is fun, inviting and playful for parents and children to engage with.

nikki mccaig

Myself. A Nottingham-based freelance marketing consultant and manager. My brand is soft, minimal and neutral, whilst my work packs a punch.

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