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Thoughts You Have Working From Home


For many freelancers across the world, our offices consist of coffee shops, cafes, hotel rooms and home desks. Whilst it can be amazing having the freedom to work wherever you feel the most productive that day, and to take your work with you wherever you go – there are some minor drawbacks to a flexible office. And when working from home, it can be even more distracting trying to balance your domestic self and your professional self to actually sit down and get some work done.

As a veteran of the home and coffee shop office, I’ve spent far too many days sitting at different tables, trying to get my head into my work. I even wrote a similar post on ‘Thoughts You Have Whilst Working In A Coffee Shop’ a couple of months ago. But whilst I always manage to achieve my remote working goals in the end, I’m definitely prone to a distraction every now and then:

  • Ok, working from home. This is fun! I can put on a cosy sweatshirt, grab some coffee and just focus on my work!
  • Wow, instant coffee is definitely not as nice as barista coffee. Should I make a quick run to Starbucks before I get started?
  • Starbucks is quite far… but realistically, how much work will I get done without coffee?
  • Ok I went to Starbucks. I should’ve taken my laptop there, it looks so much more productive than my little corner desk . Plus unlimited frappes…
  • No, we’re back at home now, we’ve got our shoes off, we’re ready to work.
  • This song is so great, and because I’m at home, I can dance as energetically as I like to it without fear of other people’s judgement.
  • Wow, this whole album is good! Maybe I should just sit and listen to it with a cup of herbal tea, you know, to really feel the lyrics…
  • What’s that smell? Did I forget to take the bins out last night?
  • I wonder what my friends are up to right now. If I go on Facebook for a couple of minutes, no one will know, right?
  • Hang on, let’s actually do some work first. Logging in, opening inbox, ok we can do this!
  • Oh god my desk is so cluttered. I need a fully minimalist space to work in, or else I just can’t focus.
  • My desk looks so cute without so much mess on it! Let’s grab a quick photo for Instagram.
  • And maybe some shots of me typing, just to look professional.
  • Huh, I actually forgot I was timelapsing and got a load of work done! Well done me!
  • Now it’s definitely time for a snack.
  • There is nothing in my fridge – should I order in? But I’m working home to try and save money, not spend more of it!
  • An old packet of biscuits for lunch it is!
  • It’s impossible to work and eat simultaneously, I should take a quick screen break and refresh my Twitter feed.
  • Ooh should I invite some friends round this weekend to watch the Tennis? That would be so cute, I could make little tennis ball cupcakes!
  • I’ll just send out a couple of invites now…
  • I should design some assets for this party. Oh hang on, I started a design for this client two days ago – let me just finish that for them first.
  • Oh I love that font – I hope they like it too!
  • Wow my job is amazing, I get to create so much amazing content all day, I love it!
  • I’m bored.


Ah, the typical day in the life of a freelance or remote worker. It’s not always easy, but to be honest, I would happily sit through 100 days of this just to help create something amazing for my clients. It’s one of the most rewarding jobs in the world, and I love it!
If you’ve got a project in mind that you want to chat to me about, or you need a little marketing support for your business – please get in touch with me! I’m incredibly friendly, and I’m always happy to chat over coffee!

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  1. haha! i always think i’ll be more productive at home in my comfortable environment – but then once i try to start working, i just keep thinking about all the other things i want to do at home, ha.

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