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Meet Our New Marketing Assistant: Celie Townsend

Over recent months, my workload has tripled. Although I’m so grateful fo all of my clients, and I love the work – sometimes it’s nice to have a little help. I’ve hired Celie Townsend to join my team as a Marketing Assistant, to help out with my busy social schedule, add a touch of creativity to my branding and to really bring my visions to life! Find out more about Celie in the post below!

Tell us a bit about yourself

I’m Celie, and I’m 21. I’m from Torquay in Devon and I have just recently moved to Nottingham, where I’m currently loving life. I would say I’m a very charismatic person; I love being around people, telling stories and making others laugh. I’m driven by creativity and photography is a massive passion in my life. A few years ago I started a photography business and I have had the privilege of covering a number of diverse shoots including; weddings, engagements, portraits, editorial and commercial. I love the power of photography to capture a single moment or emotion. Every photo tells a story; I try to convey a message and give people a voice in a new powerful way.

Celie Townsend

What got you interested in the world of marketing? 

My interest in marketing was initially sparked by social media and the fact that we live in an ever developing digital age. At University I started to do bits of media marketing where I realised its creative power, which enthused me sufficiently to learn more.

Celie Townsend

Where do you find inspiration for marketing and branding? 

I would say I find inspiration mainly from Instagram, I love exploring different business resources and branding accounts and seeing how they market to their target audience. One particular brand that inspires me is The Mayfair Group, who empower and promote badass females through social media, graphic design and creative content.

Celie Townsend

Which instagram accounts inspire you?

The two main Instagram accounts that inspire me are; The Good Trade which is a community for sustainability, slow living and self love. It provokes me to be more eco-friendly and mindful in my everyday life, to not always live life at 100 miles an hour, to slow down and take a minute to enjoy those little moments. Sarah Bahah is a beautiful photographer who explores unspoken vulnerabilities and speakes it into her art. Her style inspires me to push my creative boundaries, exploring the complexity of human emotions and how they can be expressed and captured through photography.

Celie Townsend

How do you switch off from work?

Being creative for myself; I would say I am currently in a season of exploring my own self expression projects, which I have also found extremely relaxing. Whenever I have a busy mind I go to the gym because it helps me to unwind and switch off from work. Plus I love how healthy it makes me feel physically and mentally. However, the main ways I switch off from work is hanging out with my friends and just having fun, albeit over a coffee, drink or food! There is nothing better than quality time with friends to help me chill out.

Celie Townsend

What made you want to apply for the Marketing Assistant role? 

After finishing university I really wanted to gain more marketing experience and learn more about the marketing world, but I wanted to work within a brand that resonated with me. I came across Nikki’s work through the Nottingham Creative Quarter and I loved her content, branding and style. When I saw that she was advertising a role, I knew this was the brand that I wanted to work with. So I applied and the rest as they say is history!

Where do you want to be in 5 years? 

In 5 years time I would love to be a self employed Life Coach, working with all sorts of different people, getting to travel all over the world – helping equip and empower people from different cultures and backgrounds. However, because I’m the sort of person that doesn’t just like doing one thing, in 5 years time I would love for my photography business to have grown sufficiently for me to be working in a niche area of photography, such as shadowing and documenting people’s lives. I would like to be based in either Brookly, NYC or Copenhagen, Denmark – I’m obsessed with both of these cities so living in one of them would be a dream.

I’m so excited to have Celie joining my little team, and I cannot wait to see what her marketing experience can bring! Keep your eyes peeled for her beautiful photography and creations across my socials over the next few weeks!

You can check out her work here!

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