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Interview with Margaret Young | Share Your Story

Over the years, I’ve worked with, become friends with, been inspired by and had the pleasure to interview some truly incredible women. I firmly believe that every woman, no matter her profession, age, passions or misfortunes has an inspirational story to tell, and as my platform begins to grow, I want to help share those stories.

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Margaret Young
margaret young
Margaret Young

This week, I’m incredibly excited to interview Margaret Young, an amazing Dublin born entrepreneur. With a successful array of professional training workshops and business services, as well as an absolutely beautiful website, she’s dedicated to helping others to excel in the personal and executive assistant fields.  

Tell us a little bit about you, and what inspired you to create your business services

My business which now comprises of 4 services originally had just 1 and that was admin training. I found myself constantly being asked to train administrators and PA colleagues although it wasn’t part of my role. I just became that go-to person. I had been content for ten years in the company I worked for, but I was unhappy in the very last role I had before starting my business. I wondered if there might be a business idea in the training.
So I raised 650 euro to take a 4-day intensive train-the-trainer course, saved enough money to help me resign and I was on my way. I later added on the virtual admin services, conference planning and digital marketing services.

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Over the years, what do you believe has been your biggest achievement in both your professional and personal life?

Learning to drive is usually a rite of passage for the average 19-year-old but I was 20 years older than this when I learned, because of anxiety, and it’s something that took a lot of guts on my part. I would consider this as a bigger personal achievement than even starting a business or running multiple half-marathons because of the anxiety obstacle I overcame. Every drive I go on is a minor miracle to me. No one will ever really understand how terrified I am of driving.

What do you believe is the key tool to productivity? 

While I love productivity hacks and often blog about them, for me, the secret key to productivity is motivation. When motivated you can move mountains! But it’s hard to remain motivated. It does not come magically to anyone. If your motivated and passionate, you will be productive definitely.

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You have a beautiful blog on your site. How important would you say blogging is to promoting a business? 

When my SEO guy first broke it to me that I needed to start blogging I was so disenchanted – extra work I could do without! But I started, haphazardly at first, then weekly over this summer and now monthly and honestly a blog section on your website is essential. I share my back catalogue of blog posts to social media and every time someone new sees them and get value from them. I can help people I will never see face to face. It brings people to my site increasing my authority with Google. I am now regular guest blogger for two other websites and the writing habit has helped me get pieces published in traditional media such as newspapers too.

Which women inspire you to keep working and pursuing your passion?

 Madonna has been an inspiration to me my whole life. I am lucky to have a few unofficial female mentors over the years who have inspired me with their amazing work ethics and customer focus. Leaders who lead by example impress me.

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Travel is a big part of your life, so how do you manage the balance between working and downtime? 

Being a start-up, travel has taken a slight back seat just for the moment. Last year I visited Paris for our 10-year wedding anniversary and then Kos and NYC for my 40th birthday but this year it has been London, London, London! I haven’t gone beyond the UK in 2018. Will rectify that next year! Mexico is next on my list. I actually come up with good ideas while I’m relaxing so I always have a business book and a notebook to hand when I’m travelling.

What piece of advice would you give to someone looking to begin working in administration? 

You will hear people say that office jobs are boring, they are actually the backbone of multiple career paths and industries and if you find a role you love, it is anything but boring. A skilled administrator will never be idle. Put your heart and soul into and see where it can lead. I have a section on my blog called Career Advice if you need more inspo.

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Do you have any exciting projects you can talk about coming up this year? 

I have a big conference to plan this autumn which is very exciting. I have lots of PR and blogging plans and my name will be popping up in all sorts of places! I plan to devote December to training, to help administrators get ahead of the traditional job-hunting that starts in January when everyone is re-examining their goals and resolutions. They will have their new CV and skills ready for end December to get ahead of the curve.

Thank you so much for reading and getting to know Margaret Young as part of my Share Your Story series. To find out more about her work, or to follow her journey through her social profiles, all Margaret Young links are included below:

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/margaretmmyoung
Twitter: https://twitter.com/margaretmmyoung
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/margaretyoungbusinessservices
Website: www.margaretyoung.ie

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