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Interview with Victoria Sully | Share Your Story

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Over the years, I’ve worked with, become friends with, been inspired by and had the pleasure to interview some truly incredible women. I firmly believe that every woman, no matter her profession, age, passions or misfortunes has an inspirational story to tell, and as my platform begins to grow, I want to help share those stories.

This week, I’m incredibly excited to interview Victoria Sully, a professional blogger with three successful blogs to her name! Alongside her writing, she also has an incredible passion for wellbeing and healthy living, on top of being a fantastic and inspirational working mother. It truly is a pleasure to speak to her today.

Tell us a little bit about you, and what inspired you to create your very first blog.

I’m Victoria, 33 years old, and I live in Gloucestershire with my husband Ben and children Bella age 6 and Reuben age 3.  I’m passionate about healthy living and making money online which are two topics that feature regularly in my blogs. We’ve also been busily doing up our first home for four years after buying an outdated older home that needed a lot of attention, so home and garden topics also regularly feature!I originally set up a business blog for an online store I had at Lylia Rose, but I rediscovered my love of writing and decided to write a lifestyle blog instead.  I’d say it took two years for me to really discover my writing style and what I was most passionate writing about.

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I spent three years just doing it for a hobby and always turning down offers of paid collaborations as I didn’t really understand what they were.  I had a turning point after reading other blogger income reports and realised I was missing a trick. I could actually turn my blog into a business! So after three years I began to make money and it quickly became a part time wage. After four years I was able to comfortably make a full time wage and I left my employed job.  I’ve now been a full time blogger for one year and four months consistently making a full time income. I’ve even set up a second blog Healthy Vix in January this year which I’ve began to monetise and I also helped set up my husband’s blog Wood-Create which I’ve now taken over and have monetised. Lylia Rose is a place for all sorts of topics I love, whereas the other two blogs allow be to focus on specific niches I enjoy.

Over the years, what do you believe has been your biggest achievement in terms of your blogging and writing?

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Definitely turning it into a full time income and job role for myself.  I never even realised this was a possibility when I started blogging. I received the odd item for a review and thought that was as far as it could go.  It amazes me every day that there’s the potential to make a real living from a website.

What do you believe is the key tool to balancing personal and professional responsibilities?

I think being a blogger it’s important to keep things personal, to a certain extent, as that’s the beauty of blogging – you can be yourself.  People enjoy reading personal blogs as they can relate to them, they’re not so polished and they’re by real people. But, if you are using your blog as a business then you do need to also be professional.  Being polite, courteous and professional in all correspondence is very important.

You have a series of beautiful blogs, all of which have positive, yet different inspirational purposes. What do you believe attracts audiences to your blog?

Nikki McCaig Blog

Hopefully my incredible writing style.  Just joking! But seriously, I don’t think my writing style is too bad.  I try not to waffle and get to the point in a clear, honest and easy to understand way.  I hate long blogs that waffle on saying nothing and never get to any conclusion. I hope I manage to write most of my posts for Lylia Rose with a bit of personality where possible or to provide the reader with some useful information.

Which women inspire you to keep working and pursuing your passion?

I think any women who are doing their thing and building their own business is inspiring.  I see lots of people doing it in the blogging world such as Emma Drew, Honest Mum and Slummy Single Mummy.  It’s great that we are able to create a living for ourselves online around all our other commitments. I’m also inspired by friends who are pursuing their dreams.  Now I’ve reached my 30s I have a lot of friends, some who are mums, who are also chasing their dreams and starting their own businesses. We’ve all decided we want to set the rules and not work in a job we detest for the rest of our lives!

What do you believe has been your biggest hurdle to overcome throughout your blogging journey?

To ignore other people’s opinions.  It’s still one I haven’t totally learnt to do, so rather than learn to deal with it I simply switched off comments on my main blog for example.  If I don’t like someone’s blog post or social media or how they run it, then I simply don’t read their blog, follow them or interact with them. I move on.  But some people, a lot of people in fact, feel it necessary to always tell you their opinion and do so in a mean way that makes you start questioning everything or feeling bad.  When you put yourself out there on the internet in view of the public then you’re always going to come across people who disagree and sadly also trolls. That’s something that’s never easy to deal with and it was after a few troll comments that I decided to just switch my comments off as they’d bother me for days, even though I didn’t want them to.  

What piece of advice would you give to someone looking to start their own blog?

Nikki McCaig Blog

Just crack on and do it!  Don’t put it off. If you enjoy writing then get started.  It can take a whole to find your voice, but you won’t find it until you get going.  Websites can always be updated and tweaked, even years in and I’m still regularly tweaking mine, so don’t worry about everything being perfect to start with.  You’ll change your mind and ideas all the time and will learn so much all the time, so just get started! I think the only thing most people regret when they find something they enjoy is not having started sooner!

Do you have any exciting projects you can talk about coming up this year?

I work on an ad-hoc basis so there’s really nothing planned.  I don’t often plan blogs in advance and just see what comes my way as it comes.  My only personal plans are to keep building my two smaller blogs and continue as I am with Lylia Rose as I really enjoy it.

Thank you so much for reading and getting to know Victoria as part of my Share Your Story series. To find out more about her work, or to follow her journey through her social profiles, all links are included below:

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