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Instagram Highlights: Driving Conversion at Christmas

Ah, Instagram Highlights. Still seen as the ‘golden girl’ of Instagram’s complex UX, and one of my personal favourite features of the app. For many of us, we’ve adopted and adapted to using these neat little circles to our advantage, and are happily highlighting our every move in cutesy categorised spaces. 

If you’ve read my previous post on 5 Effective Uses of Instagram Highlights, then hopefully you’ll be well versed in the benefits of using this feature to boost sales. However, at Christmas, business marketing is a crucial venture to pursue and every available sales funnel becomes that little bit more important. But when it comes to Instagram Highlights, surely there can’t be that much more you can do with them at Christmas time? 

Nikki McCaig Christmas

For me, Christmas is one my favourite times to work in marketing, as the season presents a million and one ways to be imaginative and creative with your marketing. Just look at the supermarket adverts…who knew Aldi could make us fall in love with a personified carrot? There’s no limit to how seasonal and festive your Christmas campaigns can be, so let me share some of my favourite tips for driving conversion through Instagram Highlights this winter. 

Small and Subtle

No matter what your branding is, every logo, identity, colour pallette and asset has room for a little Christmas makeover through December. Whether it’s subtly introducing small holly berries into the corner of your Highlights Covers, or changing them all into Santa’s Reindeer, visually there are so many small touches you can introduce this Christmas. Why not drop a dusting of snow across your latest upload, or simply up the reds, greens, whites and golds in your next post? Tiny seasonal touches can often say more about your festive branding than a big Christmassy statement – and often proves more popular customers as well. 

Nikki McCaig Christmas

Seasonal CTA’s 

Any good marketer will know…it’s all about those CTA’s during a high-profile sales period. Including that ‘buy now’ sign off could just be the difference between a great Christmas bonus, or a sad solitary pay cheque at the end of the year. So why not use your Instagram Highlights as creative visual call to actions? Be as cheeky, quirky and imaginative as you like, but adding a couple of festive visual CTAs at the end of a Highlight reel or as the Highlight title is a unique way to draw consumer attention on Instagram. I’ve included just a few of my favourites below…feel free to customise to your liking! 

  • Buy now! (You know Santa wants you to) 
  • Why not add X to your Christmas list this year? 
  • Shopping your true love over the next 12 days? Save time and shop with us! 
  • Only those on the Nice List can shop here
  • Get in touch with us today to chat to one of our friendly elves!
  • Call today for those last minute gifts!
  •  Pick up your festive pud today! 
  • Place your order and enjoy a Silent Night. We’ll take care of the rest. 
  • All I want for Christmas is… a delivery from X! 
Nikki McCaig Christmas


One of my favourite seasonal campaigns that I recommend to clients this time of year is an Advent-gram. This is essentially a re-telling of one of those great Christmas lists using personalised products, sales pitches, branded slogans or new content over the days of Christmas. From The 12 Days of Christmas to all 24 Days of Advent, this is a great way to incorporate Instagram Highlights into your festive marketing campaign. Set up your Highlight and fill it with new, original content or sales uploaded day by day. Not only is this great for engagement, it also keeps people coming back day by day to catch the latest post! 

Personalised presents 

At Christmas time, no one wants to spend their festive season browsing, shopping, comparing or hunting down deals. They want content that is specifically organised and categorised for their needs right in front of their face. So why not use your Instagram Highlights to do this? Say you’re a major retailer – let’s use Instagram Highlights to set up customised His & Hers Wishlists? A list of products perfectly suited to your target demographic, with prices, photography, links and, of course, a big old CTA! 

There are so many different and creative ways to utilise your Instagram Highlights this Christmas, why not give a couple of these a go? This is the seasonal of imaginative advertising, so let’s bring on those crazy campaigns and bizzare sales boosts!

If you want to check out my social media services, I can help you organise your own Instagram Highlights for good!

Have a great Christmas! 

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    1. Well with posts, it’s easier to supply users with a direct link which can make conversion a lot more simple – but with Highlights you can supply more direct sales content, which boosts natural conversion rates. If I’m honest, I would say that both are equally important and provide balanced conversion rates, even if Highlights is still a relatively new sales funnel to most businesses.

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