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Thoughts You Have When Working In A Coffee Shop

As previously discussed in The Importance of Co-Working Spaces – I’m a Millennial Hermit who lives for a good coffee shop. Instagrammable latte art, adorable exposed brick, hanging greenery and free wifi? Why work anywhere else? But I’ve always found that when I sit down to work at one of these amazing coffee-scented desks, my mind tends to wander…

Thoughts You Have When Working In A Coffee Shop

  • Ahh I’m so at home here. The coffee smells great, the wifi speed is amazing, I’m so focussed and ready to crack on!
  • Hmm. Can’t find my laptop charger.
  • Oh no, the nearest plug is under someone’s table. Do I ask them to plug it in? Do I move? Can I survive on 30% for the next two hours?
  • This song is amazing…I wonder if I can find their Spotify playlist?
  • Ok, I’ve written 5 words, and I’ve posted 5 Instagram stories. I’m totally being productive.
  • Ooohh she brought a puppy in for coffee!
  • Is it too soon to get another latte? Damn these small cups.
  • It’s so nice being near this window. I can watch all of the passersby, and the rain just pouring down and feel at peace and oh dear god I’ve been staring outside for 30 minutes.
  • Look, I’m on 5% and I really do need to get work down. It’s time to ask them if I can crawl under their table and plug my charger in.
  • Ok I did it! They think I’m weird, but I can actually use my laptop now!
  • I wonder if anyone I know will come in and sit down next to me and just share their secrets like they do in 13 Reasons Why. 
  • Oh no, I can’t listen to that song right now – I don’t have time for the nostalgia.
  • I want a snack, but I don’t want a whole avocado on toast. Or cake. Or a cookie. What do I want?
  • Uh oh. I have to pee. The coffee’s gone right through me.
  • Typing, typing, typing – look at me, being a girlboss, working in a coffee shop. I’m truly living the life.
  • My hands are chilly. I need more coffee.
  • Hmm, so it’s 3pm. If I leave now, I’ll have two more hours until the shops close to pick up that new top I just found on Pinterest… If I’m going to be a girlboss who works in coffee shops more often, I’ll need the perfect look, right?
  • Caffeine rush, oh my god, I’m amazing, I have so much potential, women are beautiful and strong, look how many jobs I could be doing instead!
  • *10 minutes later* Caffeine crash. Ok. Time to go home.

(All thoughts were taken from a 3 hour coffee session in Nottingham…whilst writing this blog post.)

I hope you’ve enjoyed this slightly different style of post from me today! I’ve been watching so many Buzzfeed videos in this format that I thought I would try out my own written version instead – on a topic I have plenty of experience in! 

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Thanks for reading!

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