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Client Feedback | Nikki McCaig

How to Handle Negative Client Feedback

One of the hardest lessons any freelancer can face, no matter their chosen field, is handling negative feedback. Whether they’re a writer, a marketer, designer or developer, receiving criticism is an unpleasant process to go through.

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University | Nikki McCaig

Was University Worth It: Film Student to Freelancer

Recently I watched a Youtube video in which one of my favourite influencers graduated from college, and it got me thinking about my own personal experiences of University and further education. I know the American college system is very different from the British programme but as she experienced her final week of study, I couldn’t help but empathise with that feeling of bittersweet relief and sadness as she finally completed her education.

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Blogging | Nikki McCaig

The Benefits of Blogging As A Freelancer

For many of us, blogging is a rather complex term. It has many different definitions, and has been adopted as a niche marketing platform by many different industries over the years. From sharing beauty tips and lifestyle pieces, to curating business advice and delivering company updates, the idea of a ‘blog’ is still debated to this day.

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Publications | Nikki McCaig

Let’s Talk About Ethical Marketing: COVID-19 Edition

I can’t think of a better time to start a discussion about ethical marketing. A subject that affects the work of many marketers, PR workers, advertisers and digital creators – ethical marketing is, in my eyes, the line drawn between moral and immoral advertising to consumers. It’s the difference between encouraging positive behaviours in your customers and taking advantage of them. It’s a blurry barricade between promoting good and promoting bad, and it can all lie in just a few short words being broadcast to a nation.

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Return To Work | Nikki McCaig

How To Cope With Quiet Periods As A Freelancer

Right now, the world is in chaos. There’s no avoiding it, denying or sugarcoating it. Too many of us are struggling and it can feel impossible to worry about the mundanity of work during these anxious times. As a freelancer, this is bad news. In our industry, we rely heavily on the financial successes of our clients to keep us paid and in-demand – when they fall, we fall right alongside them.

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Content Marketing | Nikki McCaig

Find A Hobby That Makes You Poorer

I want to encourage my fellow entrepreneurs to find a little room in their schedule for a hobby that does the opposite. Find a hobby that makes you just a little bit poorer, rather than richer. Take up walking, and buy some good hiking boots and a map.

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