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5 Ways Freelancers Waste Their Money

As a freelancer, money is always a big topic of conversation. From handling our own income tax to budgeting for quieter periods, it can often feel like a struggle to stay afloat. Particularly in times like this, where every penny counts, we can’t afford to be wasting our cash on non-essentials – even if we’re told they might just save our business.

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So You’ve Made A Marketing Mistake? Now What?

Marketing mistakes can happen to the best of us. Tweets don’t get scheduled on the right day, we forget to use the right hashtag in our Instagram post, we attach the wrong image or we use the wrong link for customers to click on. Simple, small errors that slip through the cracks, but can often have a big impact on both the reputation of the brand and your own marketing career as well.

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Five Key Personal Skills for Great Freelancing

In an office environment, I learnt to utilise and expand on so many of my personal skills, putting them to good use to help my colleagues, my teams and my projects succeed. Then when I became a freelancer, it was easy to simply transfer those soft or personal skills over to my clients and their projects instead.

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20 Tips for Better Business Blogging

In today’s blog post, I’m going to be sharing my top 20 tips for better business blogging. Whether you’re starting your first business blog, or want to improve on your existing posts, these tips are a great place to start.

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How to Handle Negative Client Feedback

One of the hardest lessons any freelancer can face, no matter their chosen field, is handling negative feedback. Whether they’re a writer, a marketer, designer or developer, receiving criticism is an unpleasant process to go through.

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Was University Worth It: Film Student to Freelancer

Recently I watched a Youtube video in which one of my favourite influencers graduated from college, and it got me thinking about my own personal experiences of University and further education. I know the American college system is very different from the British programme but as she experienced her final week of study, I couldn’t help but empathise with that feeling of bittersweet relief and sadness as she finally completed her education.

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