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Case Studies | Nikki McCaig

A 2020 Wrap Up: Here’s To Next Year

So much has happened over the past 12 months that it seems almost impossible to recap it in a single post, from personal changes to universal problems that never seem to end. It’s been a hard year for many, and whilst there is a small glimmer of hope for 2021, in this post I wanted to recap some of the highs and lows of 2020.

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Content Marketing | Nikki McCaig

Reasons To Start A Podcast

These days, it can feel like everyone – from big-name brands to small creators and influencers – has started a podcast. The internet is buzzing with different genres, niches and voices, and no matter what you feel like listening to, there’s always a podcaster for you.

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Castlegate Financial Services | Nikki McCaig

5 Ways Freelancers Waste Their Money

As a freelancer, money is always a big topic of conversation. From handling our own income tax to budgeting for quieter periods, it can often feel like a struggle to stay afloat. Particularly in times like this, where every penny counts, we can’t afford to be wasting our cash on non-essentials – even if we’re told they might just save our business.

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Return To Work | Nikki McCaig

So You’ve Made A Marketing Mistake? Now What?

Marketing mistakes can happen to the best of us. Tweets don’t get scheduled on the right day, we forget to use the right hashtag in our Instagram post, we attach the wrong image or we use the wrong link for customers to click on. Simple, small errors that slip through the cracks, but can often have a big impact on both the reputation of the brand and your own marketing career as well.

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Five Key Personal Skills for Great Freelancing

In an office environment, I learnt to utilise and expand on so many of my personal skills, putting them to good use to help my colleagues, my teams and my projects succeed. Then when I became a freelancer, it was easy to simply transfer those soft or personal skills over to my clients and their projects instead.

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