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Six Reasons Not To Hire A Freelancer

So in this week’s blog post, I wanted to talk about what to expect when working with a freelancer, and most importantly, the six top reasons NOT to hire one.

Nikki McCaig Podcast

Reasons To Start A Podcast

These days, it can feel like everyone – from big-name brands to small creators and influencers – has started a podcast. The internet is buzzing with different genres, niches and voices, and no matter what you feel like listening to, there’s always a podcaster for you. Earlier this year, I decided to take the plunge …

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Nikki McCaig Freelancers Money

5 Ways Freelancers Waste Their Money

As a freelancer, money is always a big topic of conversation. From handling our own income tax to budgeting for quieter periods, it can often feel like a struggle to stay afloat. Particularly in times like this, where every penny counts, we can’t afford to be wasting our cash on non-essentials – even if we’re told they might just save our business.