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Wellness Hacks for Poor Girls


Recently I’ve posted two seperate articles which relate to this very topic. One being my ‘June Goals: Budget Edition’ post, and the other being my ‘Wellness Hacks for Busy Girls’ post. Both posts addressed seperate issues I have relating to my lifestyle, either its expense or its practicality. And it was only this morning, when I was heading to a checkout in town, with a basket full of wellness goodies, that I had to take a moment to stop and think ‘how on earth am I going to afford all of these?’. The wellness lifestyle is expensive. Matcha powder, almond milk and luxury meditative sheet masks can all come with a hefty price tag that for most of us just isn’t achievable. We have bills to pay and bigger priorities in our lives than healing crystals and Feng Shui coffee table books.

But that shouldn’t mean that the wellness lifestyle we all dream of is entirely unattainable. There are so many budgetary or money saving hacks to achieve your wellness goals, and as a proud owner of an practically empty purse right now, I’m more than happy to share them!



Skincare is an essential part of a wellness lifestyle, as not only does it help your body to feel cleansed and healthy, it also promotes a sense of routine and self-confidence to encourage natural body rhythms to form. The simple act of taking your make up off at the end of the day, whipping out a cleanser and dotting some moisturiser across your T-zone can really help to boost positive sleeping patterns, relaxing routines and smoother, brighter skin. But we can’t all afford to be smearing £80 Kiehls toners across our faces every night. 

Face Masks – Face masks do not have to be pricey to be effective. One of my personal favourites, the Boots Witch Hazel and Tee Tree skin clear mask is only 99p, and can be found in any Boots store across the country. Stores such as Urban Outfitters, New Look and Primark are also offering their own brand fask masks too, at incredibly low and reasonable prices – even if they don’t come with a beauty blogger recommendation.

Lotions and Potions – There are so many ways to get hold of discounted or even free skincare goodies, you just have to head out of your comfort zone a little. 1) The TK Maxx beauty section. With low prices, you can source some really original and amazing skincare products, from moisturising sprays to independent brand exfoliators, usually with some great discounts. 2) Amazon. Never discount Amazon, or Ebay in your quest to find well priced skincare, as they will have the largest and broadest selection of products online. From the big brands to the independents, with Amazon you have the option of choosing your own price range, and finding the products that really work for your budget. 3) Hand Me Downs. Some of my favourite skincare products have come from my mum, my friends, my family….It’s always worth asking around to see if anyone has any leftover or neglected products sitting around their beauty cupboards that they’re happy to part with. Everyone will have made a disappointing product purchase at some point in their life, and you’ve got nothing to lose for asking to take it off their hands!

Wellness Decor 


For me, a home or room that feels full of wellness is a huge addition to supplementing a postitive and well lifestyle. Filling spaces with plants, prints and natural elements creates great energy in your surroundings, but they aren’t always budget-friendly items to get hold off.

Plants – If you’re looking for low price plants, take my advice. Never go near a garden centre. The plants they stock, although slightly healthier than the alternatives, will have a much bigger price tag and are likely to make a large hole in your decor fund. Instead, try homeware stores or online wholesalers to find some better bargains. Shops like Wilkos or IKEA, and yes, even Amazon, have big ranges of succulents, Bonzais, and big-small indoor plants to help spruce up your homes.

Prints – Prints are part of what makes a home feel healthy. Inspirational quotes, motivational words, minimalist illustrations are all going to help boost a positive feel in your space. So why not take the low-end option and DIY some of your favourites? Download, or even design some beautiful A4 and A3 prints, pick up some simple Poundland or IKEA frames, and find a low budget printer to work them up onto some glossy paper.

Natural Elements – This is where your local charity shop will be your new best friend. Collect items like wicker baskets, and fill them with skincare or beauty products. Stock up on wooden bowls for trinkets and plant cuttings. Junkyards and Facebook Marketplace are great places to find wood and metal offcuts for any DIY projects, and independent craft stores are good places for finding low end natural fabrics for curtains, throws and drapes.



Everyone wants to feel healthy inside and out. Whilst our bodies could look amazing, if we feel grotty and sluggish inside, it definitely won’t contribute to our overall feelings of wellbeing. Vitamins – Here’s a tip. For healthy skin, hair and fingernails, head for Vitamin B or Fish Oil. Any vitamin product you pick up that contains either of these two ingredients will be good for your nails, skin and hair. With this in mind, it suddenly doesn’t matter whether you grab your vitamins from Holland and Barret, Superdrug or Tesco, so long as they contain the good stuff. Everything else is just packaging.

Food – For lower priced fruit and vegetables, hit up the local markets. For lower priced snacks, natural health stores with Pick n Mix options of nuts, berries and biscuits have been proved to be the best value for money. Try to find out the best ingredients for positivite bodies and brains, and create some DIY smoothies, shakes and drinks containing those ingredients, rather than splashing out on store-bought or mass produced drinks.

Keeping well shouldn’t be expensive or difficult. Whilst we would all love to live the Goop lifestyle of Gwyneth Paltrow, it’s definitely out of the average person’s price range, so don’t be afraid of attempting a more budget friendly approach. Stay well, and stay financially stable with these helpful tips!

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    1. Oh wow, how exciting! You’re going to smash it! But yeah college can be tough financially, so cutting down on pricey wellness essentials will definitely help 🙂 Thanks <3

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  3. This blog title immediately caught my eye. As a fellow lifestyle blogger, it’s easy to get caught up in all these expensive treatments or foods you think you should be trying, but the truth is that those are not the only option. Thanks for keeping it real!

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