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Guilt-Free Vacation | Nikki McCaig

How To Take a Guilt-Free Vacation as a Freelancer

For the past two years, vacations, holidays and breaks away from our screens have been seen as a distant dream – appealing yet unattainable. With travel restrictions, closed borders, self-isolation and infections almost destroying the travel industry from the outside in, it’s been almost impossible for the individual to book a well-deserved break. But now, as travel destinations slowly begin to open again and the vaccines are containing the spread, it might be time to think about stepping away from your desk for a little luxury holiday this year.
So, as a freelancer – when is the best time to take a vacation? And how exactly should you take one?

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Privilege Freelancer

Let’s Talk About The Privilege of Freelancing

Last week, the viral world exploded following a podcast interview with Love Island star and social influencer Molly Mae, in which she shared her belief that ‘everyone has the same 24 hours in a day’. A seemingly innocuous statement, this idealogy has sparked mass discussion on the concepts of poverty and privilege, the out-of-touch world views of the wealthy and influential, and the powerful debate over hard work vs rich reward.

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Mental Health Christmas

Protecting Your Mental Health at Christmas

So in this week’s blog post, I wanted to share some of my advice for both protecting and paying attention to your mental health over the festive period, and give you my tips for putting your mind first in this busy time.

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Woman stretching her back | Nikki McCaig

Desk Exercises for Lazy Freelancers

In today’s post, I want to explore some of the ‘at work’ and ‘at home’ exercises you can do at your desk, under your desk and around your workspace – whether you’re in the office or working from home.

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Sustainable Freelancer | Nikki McCaig

How To Be A More Sustainable Freelancer

As freelancers, we tend to think of ourselves as fairly low-waste individuals. We don’t rent out large offices of printers, heavy-duty machines and single-use coffee cups. We don’t spend our days doing physical paperwork or filling out endless documents and forms. So much of what we do is now online and our paper trail is fairly minimal. But is there more we can do to help the freelance industry to stay green in 2022? How can we change our daily working routines to become more eco-conscious and sustainable?

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Christmas Content | Nikki McCaig

When Should You Start Planning Your Christmas Content?

We know the John Lewis Christmas advert is already on its way and the frighteningly organised shoppers have started planning their festive purchases, so it might be a good time to start brainstorming some ideas, but is it really time to start creating your content schedule?

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Mental Health | Nikki McCaig

The FAQs of Mental Health In The Workplace: Part II

In 2019, I wrote a blog post entitled ‘The FAQs of Mental Health In The Workplace’. Using my experiences of struggling with mental health throughout my working life, I wanted to answer some of the most common questions people have asked me regarding their mental health at work.

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Girlboss | Nikki McCaig

How Netflix’s ‘Girlboss’ Accurately Summed Up The Freelance Experience

In 2017, Netflix created and released ‘Girlboss’ – a 13 part comedy series detailing the early days of Sophia Amoruso, the CEO and Founder of Nasty Gal, as she first creates her iconic eBay store. The show rattled through the life of a twenty-something Sophia, struggling to find her place in the world, before eventually stumbling into business as a vintage clothes seller online.

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