About Me

Nikki McCaig | 21 | Nottingham


Almost four years ago, I fell in love with blogging. I loved the idea that beautiful photography, kind words and stunning web design could come together to represent a person, a blogger. I would obsessively sit and scroll through page after page, and post after post of my favourite bloggers, and always feel that excited tug about perhaps one day starting my own.

Over three years ago, I did. I sat down on my creaky university bed, opened up my laptop, and started something amazing. My passion for lifestyle and fashion helped me choose my niche, as time went on I began to expand my content to cover travel, beauty, home and digital, and I began to write like my life depended on it.

Now, with a BA under my belt, and my blog helping me to secure freelance creative writing jobs all over Nottingham, my once small site is a big part of my life, and I can’t wait to see where it takes me to next!

My Opportunities

As a blogger, or a designer, I always welcome PR opportunities or collaboration connections, so please get in touch.

As a freelance content or copywriter, please visit my Portfolio to see what I can offer.

For direct messages, please email: nikki.j.mccaig@gmail.com

Or for opportunities of Employment or Work Experience, my CV is available here: Employ Me


Twitter: @Nikki_McCaig

Instagram: NikkiSMcCaig

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