About Me

I’m a 22 year old freelance social media consultant and content writer, currently living and working in the beautiful city of Nottingham.

I first started blogging in 2014, when my university life didn’t turn out to be the wholesome, character affirming experience I had hoped it would be. I was desperately looking for work experience to help lift me out of my dorm room depression, but no one would take me on without evidence of my skills. So I grabbed a cup of tea, sat down, and started a blog.

How would I describe my site

As time has gone on, my blog has naturally evolved into a website, showcasing what my professional abilities as a marketer. Whilst I will always align myself as a blogger, I would love to be able combine my passion for freelancing with the audience I already have, and setting up NikkiMcCaig.com has helped to get me on my way.

Where can you find me

Usually huddled behind a glowing laptop screen with a huge mug of coffee in my cosiest jumper, trying to polish off a blog post in Starbucks. My home is in Nottingham, and I love interacting with the city, it’s people and it’s richly diverse industries. My career began here, and no matter where I go next, I’ll always have the East Midlands as my origin place.

How can you work with me

If you want to work with me, either as a blogger or a freelancer, you can check out my Contact page, or drop me an email at Nikki.J.McCaig@gmail.com. I love working with brands, and I’m open to hearing any and all collaboration opportunities you shoot my way.

So go ahead, get exploring and I’ll see you on the other side!