Styling Out A Slogan Tee | Fashion

I’m a girl who has always avoided T-shirts. I used to believe I had chubby arms, and I have a scar on my shoulder and a mole on my arm that always made me feel like T-shirts and short sleeved shirts just weren’t an option for me. I felt excluded from the girls and boys who would religiously live in short sleeves in summer, and only felt comfortable in my baggy jumpers and long sleeved dressed. Cardigans were my best friend, and although I was always overheating, at least I wasn’t feeling overexposed.

But over the past few months, that childhood anxiety has faded. Through finally accepting my body for how it is, and beginning to embrace the sort of styles I was always afraid of when I was younger. This includes T-shirts, and in particult, slogan tees. Anything with an adorable minimalist font across the chest, and quirky rolled up sleeves is bound to make its way into my new weekly wardrobe, and it always makes me feel powerful. Somehow, this simple basic piece of clothing has the power to give me the air of a woman put together and organised. I love the fact that I now actually have a sense of determined style.

So here are my tips for styling out those classic slogan tees – for work, for play and for style!

Zodiac Woman

(Moon and Stars T-shirt – H&M) 

IMG_1349As a newly converted crystal and witchery addict, I love styling this shirt. It gives me the perfect excuse to whip out my healing crystal jewellery and my darkest chokers, and let my true astrologer come out. This shirt works beautifully with a cute pair of thin frames glasses, cropped blue jeans, simple pumps and some artistically paired accessories.

How to wear: Tucked in or out, with heavy eye make up and a soft nude lip. Glitter highlights and natural brows. Roll up those jeans, and whip out the anklet for a cute, bohemian style.


When to wear: On a day where the constellations fall right into place. 

Glasses: Specsavers

Jeans: Cheap Monday

Necklace, Rings and Choker: Louisa

Pumps: Primark

Watch: H&M

Netflix and Chic

(F.R.I.E.N.D.S  T-shirt – Primark)

IMG_1355I’ve never really been interested in branded merchandise. I like being my own brand of human, rather than designing my fashion around someone else’s creation…but this shirt was so cute, with it’s little Central Perk coffee mug (‘Which, I’m sorry, might as well have nipples on them!’) on the pocket, that I couldn’t resist. Tucked into some high waisted blue or black jeans, with some sturdy brown boots, and it creates a cute and nerdy, yet incredibly low maintenance fashion look.

P5281183 (1).jpg

How to wear: Pulled in a the waist by some Mom or skinny jeans. Pair with a thin choker, some light plain jewellery, a simple watch and some light lipgloss on a clear day can help to pull it all together.

When to wear: On a day where the rain starts to fall. 

Jeans: Cheap Monday

Brown choker: Primark

Silver rings: Primark

Boots: New Look

Watch: Primark

Hardcore Coffee Addict

(Depresso T-Shirt – Amazon Sanfran)

P5281243.jpgHow could I resist this shirt? In a sturdy blue, with sleeves perfect for rolling, in one of my favourite Serif fonts- it’s like it was made for me. In a modern, yet heavily 80’s style, it’s such a comfortable and pratical slogan tee, and it definitely feels work appropriate as well …when paired with the right style toolkit.

P5281245 (1).jpg

How to wear: Grab yourself some dark black skinny or straight leg jeans, and tuck this tee in at the hips. Use it to elongate your frame, and to make sure that the slogan is pulled out flat (to avoid any awkward squinting at your chest). A thick, plain black choker or even a clear pendant style necklace, some dark red lipstick, heavy caffeine-deprived eyes and classic pumps will tie everything together.

When to wear: In the office, as you head into a tense meeting, ready to reveal your true girlboss self. 

Wait, are you a feminist?

(Feminist x4 T-Shirt – Rock Paper Sisters) 

IMG_1322.JPGAs if we couldn’t make it any clearer…feminism is a thing. So why not scrawl it across your style in this sleek minimalist approach to activist fashion? Be daring with this shirt, wear it in the boardroom with some pinstriped trousers and some high heeled boots. Take down the patriarchy from behind your table in the coffee shop. Storm Parliament and let your true inner girlboss come out.

P5281218 (1).jpgHow to wear: Tied at the midsection or tucked into some dark trousers, rolled up at the ankles, with brown boots or black pumps. A big handbag, some diva sunglasses and some sharp red lipstick will make you feel like the most powerful woman in the world in this shirt. Studs, choker, dark watch and many rings help bring some dark feminity to this strong look.

When to wear: On a day where your lips are redder than blood. 


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