B E R R Y | Kiko 131 Gossamer Emotion | Beauty

I’m clinging onto that autumn style. I’m still wearing my hard soled Chelsea boots, and my house is still decked with pumpkins, rather than holly. I’m still desperately trying to hold onto the autumnal season, despite the onslaught of festivity already heading my way, and for me, there’s one sure-fire way to do it: a berry lip.

As a notorious lipstick-lover, the Kiko Gossamer collection was a beautiful find for me, and I honestly spent about 30 minutes combing through their gorgeous autumn shades. Finally settling on 131, the darkest and richest berry shade, I immediately fell in love.


Snuggled inside a metallic bullet case, with the ever-so-entertaining clicky function, the lipstick itself is stunning to wear, and suits even my complex complection perfectly. Imprinted with the unmistakable KK symbol, the consistency is so appealing and long lasting, application is a dream, and I loved trying to out with different looks. Gold eyes and heavy blusher? It’s a match! Dark eyes and a sharp contour? Looks great! Nude make up and windswept hair? Still looks amazing. This is the lipstick you want to make that sulty imprint on your Starbucks PSL cup, to be showcased proudly as you windowshop down the high street.


A smooth blend of deep red, chocolate brown and velvety pinks, the colour enhances already full looking lips and helps them to blossom into an unmissable feature of the face, that you’ll always want to wear. Not sticky, not drying, it’s a soft and rich texture which coats the lips, rather than sinks into them, making it perfect for cracked, winter skin. And best of all, it smells heavenly. A strangely vanilla-scented cosmetic, it’s so tempting just to lick off your lips, yet somehow it has the impressive staying power to withhold your hungry assaults and still look gorgeous after hours of wear.


I’ve never had to re-apply, I’ve never felt clownish in the colour, and I’ve never felt out of place in any situation wearing the Gossamer Edition. Sitting at my desk, catching a train, snuggled up in a cosy scarf for bonfire night, or simply popping to the shops, if that lipstick isn’t on my lips – I must be having a seriously bad #bringcoffee day.


My experience with Kiko lipsticks has never changed, and I’ve always been impressed by their gorgeous bullet selection – even more so now. If you’re looking for your last autumn  lip before the cherry reds of Christmas hit the shelves, I couldn’t recommend it more.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post! My blog is definitely a looking both a little sparse, and a little different these days so please bear me during this transition! If you like the new look Nikki McCaig, why not give it a quick share, or like and I’ll be running you down with gratitude!

Have a great week!

Screen Shot 2017-07-16 at 17.42.04

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