B R I G H T | Nip + Fab Viper Venom Roll-On Eye Elixir | Beauty

Picture it. It’s 6am on a Monday morning, and you’ve got a million things to do. Get ready for work, make breakfast, pour coffee, put your make up on, do your hair – but your eyes are puffy and heavy with sleep, and you feel more like a zombie than a human as you climb out of bed.P8291997.jpgNow, I can’t promise any miracles with Nip+Fab. It won’t magically transform you into a morning person, or replace that first sip of coffee in terms of alertness, but I promise you, it will help. The Viper Venom Roll-On Eye Elixir is a beautifully cooling, fast-to-absorb, and genuinely effective skincare formula.P8292036.jpgHaving struggled with fine lines under my eyes from the age of 18, the markers of aging and stress really do show up on my skin in times of pressure, and it makes for incredibly difficult make up application. Dry, faintly cracked skin, laughter lines and creases mean that even the most durable and heavyweight concealer will eventually fall into the chasms, making my foundation look poorly blended and cakey.Unknown.jpgSo finding the right eye product is crucial.

The Nip + Fab Roll On is designed in such a beautifully sleek and unique way that is makes for a really enjoyable application. The cooling roll of the silver ball, the soft matte black casing, the easy grip for sleepy morning – I have no complaints! Even better, it honestly works. From using it twice a day for two weeks, I’ve noticed such an improvement in my under-eye skin – it’s plumper, brighter, less lined and dry. My dark circles are fading, my eyes look more alert and awake, and applying eye make-up is simply easy. P8292011.jpgOne of the elements that concerned me about selecting a roll on eye produt is the fact that my under-eye skin is so sensitive. Everyone’s is. The skin beneath our eyes in seven times thinner than the rest of our face, and it needs the utmost delicate care. So pressing a hard metal ball backwards and forwards across it seemed a little daunting for the anxious folk like me. But it’s such a gentle formula, and it feels just like water gently smoothing out creases and cracks on your skin – so there’s no need to feel anxious before testing. P8291992.jpgI can’t find a single fault with this product, and I love applying it – I can’t wait to see the next few weeks of effect! P8291849.jpgThank you for reading this week’s blog post!  To check out the Nip + Fab website (which I highly recommend you do!) click here, or to read my last post, on my Coffee Detox, click here. 

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