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Throughout my time as a blogger, I’ve had many different opportunities to network, engage and socialise with the people, brands and companies I dream of working with. Through events, parties, invitations, and the internet, the chances to interact with your goal brand are more frequent than you might expect – so when it happens for you, it’s good to be ready.

So, with the re-branding of my blog last week, and the confidence of a beautiful site helping me to open myself up to networking opportunities, I was inspired to update my existing business cards to reflect my new style. Previously, I had been sharing my outdated and unprofessional cards, with terrible formatting and disused colour palettes contributing to the overall appearance of amateur business approach – which really didn’t work for me.


With that in mind, and my new blog site open next to me as a template, I hopped on over to my favourite design site ‘Canva‘, and drew up my first draft. Surprisingly for a perfectionist like me, designing the new cards took almost no time at all, and I drew so much inspiration from the hard work that had gone into designing the new site that I knew what I wanted before I’d even begun. Transferring my design over to Vistaprint took a little longer, but once everything was ready, I simply ordered what I wanted and within three days, I had 100 beautiful business cards sat proudly displayed on my desk.

So I thought, following my decision to upgrade and rebrand my own business cards, that I would share my tips for designing and distributing business cards as a blogger, for those who might be struggling with this.

Firstly, do bloggers even need business cards?


Yes. Absolutely they do, and I’m always so surprised when bloggers decide not to use them. One of the important aspects of my blog is it’s potential, and everything I hope to achieve through it. Having a business card directly reflecting that – as well as advertising all of the skills that bloggers rarely realise they have – proves to my contacts that this site is serious and should be approached from a perspective of professionalism and high expectation. As a freelancer, having a business card to give to potential clients is perhaps a bigger benefit to me then as a blogger, but there are so many other great opportunities that can be opened up to bloggers from their business card. Say you’re a party and bump into the digital manager of a brand you really love – simply hand over your business card, and it can help them to not only find and evaluate your blog as a potential influencer, but also contact you quickly and simply, whilst checking out your graphic design and branding skills at the same time.

Treat your blog like a business, and you will recieve the benefits of a business. The business card approach can help to boost your blogging confidence socially and professionally, and to help potential collaborators and readers to take you seriously as a content creator.

What should I include on my business card?

P8141705.jpgTo avoid cluttering up an already small space, try to use a maximum of five lines per side. One side should, ideally, be the ‘front’ and contain nothing but the name of your blog, or your business, for simple identification purposes. The other side should contain perhaps an ‘About’ section, and three of the easiest ways to contact you. My cards, for example, have my email address, Instagram and Twitter links, to help whoever recieves the card find my content and contact details quickly.P8141699.jpgIn terms of imagery, keeping your background design simple and straightforward. Dark, solid colours work for the more professional contexts, but for more social networking, try to mimic the same colour palettes and designs you have on your actual site. High quality photography looks great with a matt finish, but make sure to lower the contrast to help your written content stand out.

How do I design it?

P8141652.jpgPersonally, I used Canva at first, to help me work out the initial format and design, using their ‘Business Card’ template. This helped me to understand which photos worked well, how much to edit them, which fonts and content would fit in the given space, etc… But I can also recommend programmes like iPiccy and Fotor to help you figure out your photography and style.

Then I just replicated my design in the pre-given template on Vistaprint, and selected my finish options. It was really easy and simple, and I can really recommend both sites for making some beautiful business cards.

When and how do I hand it out?

P8141667.jpgOk, this is the tricky part. For someone as socially awkward as me, knowing when a good time to hand out your business is can be incredibly difficult to judge – particularly with people I’m intimated by and don’t know very well. But usually, I would recommend handing it out either at the very start of your interaction, or at the end.

At the start – begin your conversation with something along the lines of ‘hi, I’m Blah, so what do you?’ This opens the dialogue up and invites them to return the question, upon which you can reply ‘oh I’m a blogger, oh – here’s my card – yeah I have my own beauty/fashion blog’. Make it casual and friendly, and invite them to talk about themselves more than you talk about yourself.

P8141633.jpgAt the end – as you sense the conversation beginning to end, or you know you have to be somewhere else and need to leave, end with a bright ‘well it was lovely chatting with you, let me give you my card, and perhaps I’ll see you around later on?’ Again, it doesn’t need to be a big moment, or a significant interaction, just make it seem as if this is a very relaxed and unpressurised gesture to avoid coming across as pushy or invasive.

Overall, your business card should represent the best of you. What you do, what you love, and your highest standard of skill. And this is what you are showing people when you hand it over, so make sure it’s beautiful.

Thank you so much for reading this week’s blog post; to start designing your own business cards click here to check out Canva, or to read my last blog post on My Daily Skincare Routine, click here!

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4 thoughts on “C R E A T E | Design Your Own Business Cards | Digital

  1. I cannot believe I just stumbled onto this post as I literally just told my sister I wanted to make business cards but didn’t know where to start!! Such good tips! thanks for sharing xo


  2. Love the ideas! I am currently looking into making my own business cards, so your post was really helpful! 🙂 I just happen to find your blog and I LOVE it so much! I am a fashion blogger in London, really passionate about style and leaving a nice impact on my readers. I am currently networking with different bloggers and I believe it would be great to connect ❤ Please find my blog here: https://missandrada.com/2017/09/06/pilgrim-jewellery-giveaway-wild-autumn-collection-2017-how-to-accessorise-a-simple-outfit/ – I am also hosting a giveaway at the moment, so please feel happy to enter 😀


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