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You might have already spotted that my blog looks a little different. Three weeks ago I changed pretty much everything about my site – from my branding, to my social media, to my SEO strategy and my photography. Having written this blog for almost four years now, I’ve been through so many different styles and themes that finding one I truly like is a really difficult decision. But right now…I like it.

R E L A U N C HAnd there were lots of warning signs and signals, for me anyway, that a rebrand was on the horizon.  I withdrew from my social media, I felt embarassed to direct people to my blog, I really really struggled to design corresponding assets for it (e.g. business cards and banners) and I just wasn’t excited about posting on it anymore. P7160616.jpgOne of the biggest signs that I was need of a relaunch was the fact that it only took the smallest change in my life to motivate me to rebrand my blog: a white table. Without going into too much detail, a friend of mine helped me to create a backdrop for my blog by painting this dusty old dining table in our bedroom bright blog-friendly white, leaving me with a big gorgeous space for flatlays and photography shoots. It was having this boost in my photography, as well as the influence of other aesthetic bloggers, that inspired me to boost some more elements of my digital presence – upgrading my content, re-writing my social media, upping my dial out, and eventually redesigning my blog. P7160622.jpgBut it took me a long time to reach the place where I felt ready to do it, so I thought today I would share what I believe are the 5 Signs Your Blog Needs A Rebrand, to help out anyone else in a similar situation.

  1. Post Frequency

    P7160675.jpgIf the frequency of your blog dial out has, effectively, dialed down, perhaps it’s time to figure out why. Of course busy schedules and environmental constraints can all play a big role in your upload frequency, but when you truly feel inspired and excited by your blog, there should be nothing on earth that can stop you from posting. Try taking a look at your branding, and see if there any changes you can make to help you feel a little bit more inspired – from the smallest of profile picture updates to an entirely new aesthetic, anything you can to help keep you engaged.

  2. Slow Traffic and Unenthused Engagement

    P7160625.jpgThis is, unfortunately, one of the biggest, most obvious signs that your site is in need of a little love. If your numbers are progressively dropping, or your engagement levels are decreasing, it could be that your lack of interest in your blog is clear to potential readers, causing them to disengage with it. Trying out new templates, fonts and styles doesn’t have to result in big changes, but re-engaging yourself with your blog can definitely inspire others to follow suit.

  3. Out of Date Styles

    P7160666.jpgStill using the same template you used in 2007 when bloggers were the only content creators on the internet? Well it’s ten years later, and we’ve got competition. Whilst the vloggers and fimmakers of the internet have beautiful sets and visceral cinematography to impress their followers, we have our blogs – and we need to step it up. Use some of the bigger blogger sites at the moment motivate you to revamp your own – some of mine include: http://char-co.com/blog/,  http://wishwishwish.net, and http://www.hannahmaggs.co.uk. Take all the inspiration you need from as many sources as possible – follow the trends you love, create your favourite Pinterest mood boards, and pour as much of yourself into your brand new blogging style as possible.

  4. PR Problems

    P7160621.jpgOne of the biggest indicators to me that my blog was in need of a rebrand was during an email conversation where I had to book tickets for a coffee shop opening. As a general practice, when booking events, I always prefer to warn the organisers that a) I’m a blogger, and b) I’ll most likely be bringing a camera to the event, just in case they have any publicity regulations or preferences I should know about. This did, and usually does, lead to the organiser asking for a link to my blog – something which, at the time, I felt ashamed to share with them. Luckily, the email was sent to me the day before I decided to rebrand, so the link I eventually sent them was to my shiny, new beautiful blog, which was shared with no shame whatsoever. So next time anyone asks to see your blog – gauge for yourself how you feel about it, and if you’re not excited and proud to share your link, perhaps it’s time to do something about it.

  5. Collaboration Drop

    P7160608.jpgBloggers love to collaborate. This is fact. We love engaging with each other, and share each others success across as many of our favourite platforms as possible. But if, say your favourite blogger refuses to collaborate with you any more, or your brand deals suddenly start to decline, it could be that your site is looking a little tired now. When a blogger or a brand decides to collaborate with you on a project, in a sense, it is their way of declaring ‘yes, this site is good, and I am proud to associate myself with them’. And so, if your site isn’t quite what it used to be, it can be a lot harder to create strong brand relationships with other creators and companies. Take the time to refresh yourself, and your site, before outreaching your next guest post, and see how much of a difference it makes.

I hope this blog post has helped anyone else out there struggling to rebrand – for more tips on rebranding, I recommend this site as it really did help me a lot when pondering my relaunch. You can also check out my last post here, or to catch up my adventures behind the scenes, take a look at my Instagram stories this week!

Thanks for reading!

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