G R O W: Flour Pot Bakery | Brighton

Tucked away in the sandy streets of Brighton, there sits a bakery. A beautiful, creative and honest-to-god gorgeous bakery, that for one Sunday afternoon, served two weary tourists – desperate for a snack before catching their long train home.P7030467.jpgWhen first planning our trip to Brighton, the Flour Pot Bakery was simply one on a long list of bakeries, restaraunts and cafes I’d heard about, read about and dreamed about through the vlogs and blogs of travellers and Brighton-tubers alike. It was only on our first bus trip through the city where we caught site of the Flour Pot sign, and knew that it would make our to-do list.P7030405.jpgSo on the sunniest day of the weekend, a giant suitcase in tow and our train tickets firmly in hand, we popped into visit our new bakery for a light spot of lunch. Walking inside the  Flour Pot Bakery felt like stumbling across the Pinterest board of your favourite interior designer, with every conceivable trend, style and innovation beautifully displayed for the customers and adventurers dining inside.P7030432.jpgA checkerboard floor (perfectly muffling the distressing rumble of our suitcase wheels), copper piping, rustic washed-wood tables, and thick glass jars surrounded us as we rolled up to the counter to order.P7030468.jpgSelecting items from cutely penned chalkboard menus, I couldn’t help but snap photos of every piece of interior that caught my eye. The dusty rustic loaves, the farmers market crates, the rustling white Flour Pot takeaway bags…everything seemed to fit together in one crisp image of aesthetic dining that I immediately fell in love with.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWhen we recieved our food – toast and a Swedish sticky bun for me, a thick loaved sandwich for my boyfriend – we were so hungry that every bite seemed to disappear before we got the chance to enjoy it. But despite that, I can still wholeheartedly recommend some of my favourite choices of the day: anything from the pastry counter, the sliced gluten free sourdoughs, and a large hazelnut latte to wash it all down with.P7030423.jpgWhilst I sat there, bossily forcing my poor boyfriend to pose for a photo before eating his lunch, I couldn’t help but notice the complete diversity of people popping in for their own Flour Pot experience. Sea-flecked surfers still in their wet suits, fashionable bloggers huddled with cameras and laptops, sunkissed hikers with dogs on leads, mums and dads with pushchairs and prams – it seemed like everyone was welcome, which made us feel so at home in this strange new city.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe Flour Pot Bakery has so many locations across Brighton, if you’re considering a visit, no matter where you stay, you won’t be far away. A beautiful hub of rustic food, hot creamy coffee, entirely inviting aesthetic and genuinely friendly people – it might just be the highlight of your visit. P7030450.jpgThank you so much for reading my blog post this week, I hope you’ve enjoyed hearing about the delights of the Flour Pot Bakery. To check out their website and see for yourself the beautiful baked goods they provide, click here, or to read my last post on the indestructable Rimmel Super Gel, click here

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