I N D E S T R U C T I B L E: Rimmel London Super Gel | Beauty

Imagine a nail varnish to see you through the day. To stay with you through life’s inevitable hardships and labourous projects. To glue itself to your look through thick and thin, through every bowl of dirty dishes, every heavy-duty shower, every spring clean and itchy nose that might come your way over the next two weeks.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe Rimmel London Super Gel is that nail varnish. A beautifully glossy, chip-free and fast drying paint that holds it’s form and shine no matter what you put your hands through throughout the week. It truly is a glamourous, yet practical coat that adapts to your schedule, your style and yourself in a way that no other nail varnish I’ve encountered has.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOur lives are chaotic and hetic and every other busy-jective that ends in an ‘ic’. And the make up wearing souls amongst us need beauty products that can stand up to the testing hours of our working schedules. The Super Gel does that. So far, having simply picked up the bottle on a casual beauty browse, I’ve been wearing it for nearly a week, and I’ve not once needed to top up, re-apply or re-polish. Only accompanied by a standard clear base and top coat, my nails still look amazing after 1 blog shoot, 5 days of typing, 20 cups of coffee, 7 days of make up application, 4 showers, 6 bowls of washing up, and 2 attempts at flower arranging. And the paint hasn’t budged.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAColour wise, I could not be happier. The shade I’m wearing in photographs below is 043 Venus – a dark, wine-red that seems to filter itself depending on the light surrounding my hands. Inside, in bright, natural lighting, it’s a gorgeous lipstick red, deeply suited to Parisian lookbooks and slick make up appliancation. In warm, orange cosy lighting, it’s a softer red, with hints of brown and copper tones running to the tips of fingers. And outside, in the brightest of lights, it’s a glossy purple, lighter and tonal, elongating my fingers, just dying to be wrapped around a coffee cup and a heavy handbag of goodies.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAPainting varnish onto my nails is a process I normally dread. The stickiness of wet varnish, the smell of the chemicals, the fear of even the smallest smudge on my fluffy white cushions…Luckily, the Super Gel helped me avoid the worst of it. Surprisingly fast drying, the varnish looks beautifully shiny and smooth from the moment you apply it, and sets almost instantly – leaving only a few moments of patience before your nails are ready to go.Unknown2.jpgAll in all, I can’t recommend this nail varnish highly enough, and I’m so excited to share my recommendation on my brand new blog. Unknown11.jpg

So welcome to Nikki McCaig 2.0! A new aesthetic, a new approach, and a new style for my blog. So please fasten your seatbelts and enjoy your stay because there’s a whole lot of great content coming very soon!

Screen Shot 2017-07-16 at 17.42.04



4 thoughts on “I N D E S T R U C T I B L E: Rimmel London Super Gel | Beauty

  1. I keep wanting to paint my nails but never have the time as I have to keep redoing them since they chip but these seem so much better! Definitely will try this! Great post, check mine out too? X

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    1. It’s such a pain, isn’t it? Especially when we’re constantly using our hands – but if that’s what puts you off, then I would definetly recommend the Super Gel! Super strong, but super glossy too 🙂 I checked your blog out, and it’s adorable! Mind if I share your ‘5 Tips for Happiness’ post on Twitter? It’s lovely ❤ x


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