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For many of us, Pinterest is simply the hobby site we us to scroll through and save our favourite pictures from across the internet. We find our favourite DIY hacks on Pinterest, our new beauty regimes, our travel destinations and our outfit inspirations for the warm week ahead.


But what if Pinterest could be more than that, and could instead be used as an essential tool in your digital marketing campaign? What if it was possible for bloggers like me to boost my site, and increase my traffic simply by pinning one picture a day?

There are so many different ways to get both your blog and your business noticed on Pinterest, from promoting pins to infographic hacks. So if you want to start pinning down those site-to-site conversions, I’ve come up with a few of my favourite tips on How To Use Pinterest To Enhance Your Blog that might just be able to help!

  1.  Use Quality Photography


It must seem like I use this tip in all of my digital advice pieces, but the quality of your photography really can affect how people view your blog and your brand. Using high quality, crisply edited and carefully considered photos to summarise what you want people to click on is guaranteed to achieve more hits than a blurry, out-of-focus snapshot of your day. Putting in the effort to compose and highlight your product, recipe, fashion and travel photos can really draw people into your work. Even adding a little bit of love post-production with a catchy on-image guide, or the title of the blog post you want to link to can add to the overall clarity of the picture – helping potential readers find exactly what they are looking for.

2. Know Your Pinterest Account – Beauty Board

2017-06-11 (5)To really utilise Pinterest well, it’s important to understand what exactly it isn’t. It is not a social media site where users can post inane comments about their day, tag friends in interesting memes and post selfies all day long. It is not a photography site either, where your holiday snaps can be deposited to be joyfully scrolled through at the next family visit. And it is not a blogging site, where the entire contents of your blog post should be written into the description of a screenshot. Pinterest is a place of guides, advice, travel tips, recipes, reviews – it’s the haven for bloggers, no matter what you blog about. Mental health? Lifestyle? Baking? Beauty? There’s a board, niche and pin for that. Take advantage of the diverse nature of Pinterest and use it to inspire yourself into creating some truly beautiful pins.

3. Network With Other Pinterest Users – P I N K Board

2017-06-11 (3)If you want your pins to remain firmly within the blogging sphere, that is perfectly fine. But there’s a whole realm of Pinterest users out there who could be just waiting for your pin to come along and inspire them to connect with you. So follow as many boards, users and pins as you like and engage with other users there. You can send messages of encouragement to other Pinterest users, ask for advice on how to create beautifully themed boards, or simply ask to connect with someone whose own blog has truly inspired you.

4. Introduce Yourself Through Your Pinterest.


Once you’ve built up a reputable following, and a weighty collection of elegant Pinterest boards, there’s no shame in sharing your efforts around. Link to your Pinterest in your blog header, your email signature, your Twitter bio, your Instagram description. Don’t be afraid to entwine your blog branding and your Pinterest themes – share a colour scheme, a visual object arch, a universal font…anything to tie your brand together across all of your social media platforms. This will help potential readers, brands, businesses and other bloggers to get a real sense of your vibe and aesthetic, and even your personality, which could be great for networking and outreaching future opportunities.

5. Turn Your Pins Professional – B L O G G I N G Board 

2017-06-11 (6).jpgIf you really want to commit to the business world of Pinterest, it’s time to get smart. For a casual blogger, using Pinterest on an irregular basis is great, but if you really want to use Pinterest to impact your blog hits and traffic, you need to commit to it. Sign up for a business account, shell out for a couple of promoted pins, set up a regularly scheduled timetable of pins so that your account never gets left neglected. There are various tools and apps available to help you do this – my personal favourite being Everypost, as not only is it free, it’s also available to use for pretty much every other social media platform you could possibly use for blogging.

2017-06-11 (10)

Pinterest is such a great tool for promoting and sharing your blog, and it really is worth committing to its unique format and structure. Once you’ve started pinning, you’ll be hooked for months, so might as well help your blog out at the same time. To find out more about Promoted Pins and the business side of Pinterest, I recommend you take a look at this blog in particular as it really helped me get to grips with the site when I first started out!

I hope this post has inspired some more bloggers out there to take up Pinterest as their next blogging venture, and that the big wide world of advertising online seems that bit more attainable now. To check out my last post – an Edinburgh City Look Book – click here, or to see what my business Pinterest looks like, click here!


4 thoughts on “How to use Pinterest to enhance your blog | Digital

  1. In a world where all “how to posts” for newbie bloggers like myself are repetitive. I found this article to be fresh, something I haven’t heard or thought of before. Well done on a great post . Will be giving my Pinterest much more love and attention after this xx


    1. Thank you so much for your lovely comment! Pinterest is such a good source of blog inspiration, and a great way to gain some extra traffic, it definitely deserves some love! Good luck! x


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