Edinburgh City Look Book | Fashion

When planning my trip to Edinburgh, there were a few things I wanted to research before I headed out on those famous Scottish streets. The first – my accommodation. Having only ever been Scotland once prior to this break, I had no clue where to go, where best to stay, or what on earth I wanted to be close to. Luckily, a gorgeous room in a city Airbnb managed to sort that problem out rather quickly, and even made its way into my latest blog post.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe second…the history. Edinburgh’s history is so rich and cultured that I wasn’t sure where to start – did I brush up on the art or the literature? The accent or the edibles? Taking a step away from this adventure, I can firmly say that if there is any other thing that feel particularly relevant to research about your next destination in these crazy times, it’s their government and their politics. Scottish parliament did not dissappoint, and was genuinely one of the highlights of my trip.P5230111.jpgThe third? Call me materialistic, but I was researching the high street looks of the Edinburgh fashion world long before I even booked the tickets. With films like One Day, and shows like Clique giving me a sense of stylised wanderlust for the softly-dressed and heavily peacoated residents of Scotland, I spent my days imagining dark umbrellas and round thick rimmed glasses. I was picturing grey oversized jumpers, tightly bound scarves and heavy duty boots, resting next to a steaming cup of creamy rich coffee and a buttery slice of shortbread.P5230067.jpgSo when it actually came around to packing for my adventure, I had a pretty good of what to take. My first outfit: Jumpers, Jeans and Boots. Despite the fact that our holiday was in the middle of May, it seemed to rain a little every day we were there, and it wasn’t particularly warm either. So a cropped emerald green jumper, a pair of my comfiest jeans, and my favourite black heeled boots , dressed smartly with a light monochrome static duster coat felt like a safe option to go with.P5230084.jpgI loved this outfit for so many reasons. For one, as I travelled with my boyfriend in his similar knit burgundy jumper, together we looked like an adorable Gryffindor and Slytherin crosseover couple. For another, it just felt like me. But a me that was confident, stylish, and definitely not about a have a panic attack about being miles away from home on a crowded train. I felt good, and happy and excited to explore in that outfit – and now every time I wear that jumper and jeans combo, I get to relive just a little bit of that excitment again.P5230011.jpgFor the second day of our exploration,  I decided to don a slightly more European aesthetic, with a soft black bowler hat, long sleeved Breton and black pinafore dress. On this day, sadly I had to skip the boots as our tour guide had warned us that Edinburgh involved a lot of hills that sadly my heels might not survive. So instead I decided to mix casual and comfy with stylish and sultry, in an inexpensive pair of soft grey pumps. Working again with my favourite duster coat, and the addition of a faint white and grey tartan scaf, I aimed to inject a touch of Scottish ident into what was, admittedly, a fairly Parisian composition.P5230183.jpgBut this outfit took me to so many places. This outfit fought through the crowds up at Edinburgh Castle, it danced through the Princes Street Gardens, it narrowly avoided being drenched in Scottish Starbucks, and it indulged in a rather quirky 1970’s brunch parlor – complete with haggis breakfasts and mismatched china cups. It even took me through the Scottish Parliament building that I fell so madly in love with, even if I was slightly inappropriately dressed for the official tour.P5230129.jpgOddly, the third day was a day of gardens and greenery, so I simply decided to refresh my jumper from the first day, but with a summery twist of shorts, tights and my favourite sunglasses. I’m sure I’m not the only holiday maker who packs for an eternity, but ends up repeating their old favourite outfits the minute they arrive at their destination.P5240408.jpgFinally, whilst I wasn’t let down by the high street styles of Edinburgh, I must say that once there, I barely noticed what anyone else – let alone myself – was wearing. There was so much to take in and enjoy that it was the sights and the skyscrapers and the sounds that caught my attention on this trip. I would love to go back to Edinburgh one day, and really take in some of the people I dazedly passed on my first time around, to enjoy their style, their fashion and their looks.P5230108.jpgThank you so much for reading. If you want to hear more about my Edinburgh trip, I share my Airbnb experiences over in my last blog post, and to see some of my favourite photos from my City Look Book, head over to my Instagram at NikkiSMcCaig.


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