Elf Hydrating Serum |Bedside Table Skincare

This post marks the first in a continuing series called my ‘Bedside Table Skincare’. Here, I’ll recommend my favourite skincare products to store on my bedside table, and the solutions to my nighttime skincare problems! 

For a brand name geared to the eyes, lips and face, it would a great discredit to Elf should their products fall short of enhancing these three key features. Should their mascaras clump and spider, or their lipsticks dry, for example, their name would become nothing more than a collection of biological descriptions, all of which unembellished and unenhanced by yet another disappointing cosmetics company.


Luckily, however, the Elf Hydrating Serum, when used upon the aforementioned eyes, lips and face, falls only upon the beautiful texture of skin it leaves behind after just one week of usage. Contained within a simple smooth clouded bottle, the serum itself is a luxurious combination of Aloe Vera, Vitamin A and Green Tea extract, set upon a refreshing aqua base that eases its way into the skin, and purifies it from the inside out.

P5141028 (1).jpg

For skin like mine, with flecks of bitter wind, poor hydration and unexfoliated dead cells scattered across its surface, a product like this is a fantastically affordable elixir – renewing the hydration and moisture that life, weather and stress have drawn from it throughout the week. Unscented, yet with a calming, fresh allure that cools the skin, from the fingers you use to apply it with, to the forehead, lips, cheeks and curves it blends into.


Best used after a good old scrub with a favourite hot cloth cleanser at night, always make sure you’ve created a clean, clear base for the serum to work its magic into – allowing it to soak into your open pores, and refresh them with hydration. After several months of using this serum, I’ve still yet to come across any form of moisturiser that can compare. Fast and easy to absorb, it calms and tightens the skin, making it glow with health and become soft to touch.

P5141068 (1).jpg

But it isn’t just my face that benefits from its solution. Smoothed into the lips, and softly absorbed into the delicate skin around the eyes, it helps to protect them from the nights and days that follow – building up a barrier of wind protection, and defeating those tired, dry, over-indulged eyes all bloggers surely must suffer from.


And although I’ve yet investigate its properties as a primer, I can imagine it does just as good as job – if perhaps a little fast acting for a slow burner like me. This a serum to be both settled into and woken up by. It fits snugly into any night time or morning skin care routine, and has somehow become one of the few constants in my ever-erratic morning schedule. For a product that washes through the skin, lighter than a moisturiser and infinitely more absorbent, its 10 second application has a long-lasting effect that completely neutralises problematic skin, to the point where you will barely even notice it in the mirror.


There’s nothing more hydrating than a healthy water-based skin serum, and nothing more comforting than a trusted, reliable and indulgently bottled skin care product sat on your bedside table. Let yourself experiment with nourishment, moisturisation and little bit of softness this week; your eyes, lips, and face will most definitely thank you for it.

I hope you’ve all enjoyed this week’s post, and are having a fantastic week. To check out my last post, on dressing for Spring in the office, click here, or to explore my brand new Instagram feed, click here!


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