7 ways to style a Spring Office Look | Fashion

With the winter jumpers and autumn scarves firmly folded away, and the summer shorts still too shy to make it outside this April, our wardrobes are most definitely stuck in spring. And in spring, only the brightest, softest and most delicately dressed garments can make it out into the sunshine with us. From pastel ponchos to floral footwear, we all know how to soft-style this season outdoors.

But a girl’s wardrobe must be ready for more than spring days in the sun. And us working girls have a lot more to dress for than iced coffee dates and flower picking this season. High profile meetings, upcoming deadlines, greeting clients, and just generally being a boss don’t always work with sheer daisy skirts and flower crowns.

So I’ve come up with 7 great ways to style a Spring Office Look that are bang on trend this season!

Dark Florals and Jeans

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIf your office is more ‘crisp-shirt everyday’ than ‘casual Friday’, this might be the look for you. For a more subtle, yet still cute spring hint, try a floral shirt in the dark end of the colour palette. Head for the blues, blacks, indigos and forest greens for an understated bloom, and pair with some simple black jeans and boots for a smart, formal yet still super adorable style. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAShirt: Primark, Jeans: Boohoo, Shoes: Select 

Pinks and Pastels

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOk, so this one is slightly more casual work bbq than official work business, but it would still look great when trying to impress a new work team. A baby pink skater skirt with a soft white and floral shirt works beautifully as a refreshing sunny combo to brighten up any dull work do. Accessorise with a smart neutral watch, some nude tights and smart pumps, and you’re ready to go! OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAPatterned Shirt: F&F, Skater Skirt: Primark, Watch: H&M

Pinafore Plum Dresses

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI don’t know about you, but I cannot get enough of pinafore dresses this spring. Without re-creating the full school-girl crush look, they’re simple and smart enough to fit a busy working office, and they look adorably fashionable too! Dipping into some brighter or richer colours helps to contrast the standard white shirt, and helps to retain that classic style that will never go out of fashion. Coupled with some close fitting boots, and a tidy side braid, and you can’t go wrong. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAPlum pinafore dress: Boohoo, White shirt: Everything5Pounds

Sheer Secretary Style

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAn outfit that always reminds me of Maggie Gyllenhaal in the 2002 (incredibly NSFW) classic Secretary – the pussy-bow blouse and simple black skirt. Here’s another chance to bring your basics into the spring season, with a cool short-sleeved blouse, a cute neutral print and some soft seasonal pumps to tie it all together. This is a really sweet little outfit that pairs the classic office style with a little twist of Springtime. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAPussy-bow blouse: TopShop, Black shirt: Peacocks, Shoes: Primark

Oversized Blazers in Pale

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERABefore we dash into the bright, overwhelming sea of colour that summer has to offer, it’s always good to start off slow – adding those hints of colour where we can, and letting the seasonal palettes do the rest. And for a trendy, style-conscious office, there’s no better way to pair down your colour spectrum than a neutral oversized jacket. When it’s too hot for a big coat, but too chilly to go without, match your favourite printed shirt with a 70’s padded shoulder blazer, skinny jeans and boots, and head out. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERABlazer: Primark

High Collars and Smart Shoulders

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThis is possibly the most professional of my Spring Office Wear collection: the high collared shirt and the square shouldered blazer. If the oversized blazer was a little bit too heavy for your tastes, try a fitted short blazer, with smart shoulder pads and full lapel for a crisp, professional look. A high collared shirt underneath saves on bulky accessories, but keeps the bright fresh focus of the outfit on the upper half. Well fitting black jeans and court shoes match this to make a formal, yet still seasonal style. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERABlazer: Next, White shirt: Primark, Jeans: F&F

Poodle Skirts and Hot Pink Shirts

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAs current fashion seems to be a combination of the our historical hits, why not take your spring look right back to the fifties with a hot pink blouse and a calf length full form skirt? For those who dream of bringing a bright pop of colour into their dreary office decor, this style is perfect! With the neatly pleated and squared skirt keeping the look formal, the pink in the shirt and it’s rolled cuff sleeves give it a fun, vibrant edge that works great on sunny springtime days.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAPink shirt: Primark, Black skirt: Boohoo 

I hope my 7 Spring Office Looks have inspired you for the working week ahead, and that you’re enjoying the season as much as I am!

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