5 Looks for an Oversized Stripy T-Shirt | Fashion

We’ve all been there. Our eyes are roaming, desperately, hungrily across the shop floor, hunting for that perfect stripy T-shirt to finish off the set. We’ve got the Breton style down, from the scarlet red lip to the dark jeans and Chelsea boots…all we need now is that one beautiful, simple, classic stripy T. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWe get home in a rush, throwing off coats and scattering receipts as we scrabble to pull our findings out of their bag, immediately poised to swap whatever outdated shirt we threw on that morning for the shiny new fashion toy we’ve excavated from the shelves of River Island. And, unfortunately, we’ve all also felt the heartbreak of discovering…it’s the wrong size. With no one to blame but a misplaced coat hanger and those deceiving horizontal stripes, we’re left with an unflattering shape of cloth, and a tag so rapidly ripped from its label there’s no chance of ever receiving a refund.

Having been the victim of such a crime many many times before, and sadly picking up my own ‘accidentally oversized’ T-shirt today, I thought I would try to help those in need this stripy spring season, and share my top five looks for styling out those sadly super-sized shirts.

1. Classic Denim Dungaree

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAs the fashion world has recently taken a trip down 90’s memory lane, and is suddenly channelling the season one style secrets of Central Perk employee Rachel Green, it would appear there is nothing better to pair with an oversized T than a pair of dorky denim dungarees. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe cut and shape of the upper panels are perfectly placed to hide any baggy hems, and any excess fabric can be hidden inside the sturdy denim waist portion – tucking away any loose ends, and keeping your sizing error a complete and utter secret. Plus, the contrasting pop of blue denim against those clean monochrome lines will always work in the fashion world, no matter what number flashes from your label. Source – T-Shirt: Primark , Dungarees: Primark

2. The Parisian Chic

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOne of the greatest advantages in bagging yourself an oversized outfit is the option of ultimate comfort in the form of soft, slouchy leggings beneath your plain stripy T. Turning the shirt into a comfortable shift dress and pairing it with some navy leggings, boots, bag and a colourful scarf can transform a misshapen mess into a chic Parisian OOTD in seconds. All you need now is a dark beret and lipstick stained coffee cup to finish off your look! OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASource – Leggings: Primark , Scarf: Peacocks.co.uk 

3. A Nautical Crop

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIf size really does matter when styling out your larger-than-life stripes, then why not try a nautical knot in the front of your shirt? Tie together two excess portions of fabric to create a cropped shirt, and leave just a small sliver of skin visible below for a cool retro look. Match with a pair of faded blue cropped or rolled skinny jeans and head for the beach! OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERATip: If you’re still struggling to knot your shirt, then try snipping a few centimetres up into each side of your seams, creating two slits, and tying those together instead.

Source – Jeans: Calvin Klein

4. Raglan Layers

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAFor the shopper with a keen eye for those contrasting layers, a raglan effect sleeve is the perfect way to perk up your oversized shirt. Find possibly the brightest, boldest and plainest long sleeve top, and slip it on underneath your stripes. To help this look really pop, try to avoid clashing too many patterns – stripes might cover all major sins, but a paisley/Breton combo is just never going to work. Particularly in spring, this raglan effect is rapidly heading back into fashion, with more and more cool but coat-free days lining up in the season ahead. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASource – Long-sleeved top: River Island

5. Corduroy Skater Skirts


In a look that was owned and dominated by bloggers this time last year, for the oversized T, there’s no accompaniment cuter and classier than the short brown skater skirt. Tucking everything in at the waist, and pairing with an large buckled waist belt, this style is designed to billow up top, cinch in the middle, and flow out at the bottom again. For ladies with an hour glass figure, this outfit is a must for springtime days in the city. Even in the chillier days of spring, a thick pair of tights and cosy cardigan throw the look into a hipster trend just screaming to make its comeback in 2017. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASource – Skirt: H&M, Belt: Topshop 

Thanks for reading. I hope this fashion post has inspired a few new looks for the week again, and that those long abandoned oversized shirts might be edging out of your wardrobes as we head into spring!

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