Why you should pick up a Fab Little Bag | Lifestyle

Ah the monthly visitor. That dreaded Aunt Flo, the ‘time of the month’, the PMS Monster…or as we grown ups call it: A Period. With over 50% of the population experiencing menstruation at a regular monthly rate, it’s about time the great marketing industries of the world started helping out some of their biggest consumers, making our monthly visitor that little bit easier to bear.

Over the last few years there has been an enormous rise in the menstrual marketing trends. We’ve been introduced to the Mooncup, the Flo Belt and the eco-friendly organic tampon – all of which are great, but not entirely discreet. Which is where the Fab Little Bag comes in.

P2040457 (1).jpgThe idea behind the Fab Little Bag Company is simple: a discreet, degradable and hygienic way to dispose of your used sanitary items – without shame, scent or stains. A pack of handbag-friendly sealable bags, designed for one handed usage, that can cleanly contain even the most awkward or sullied of products; stopping you from making a mess of your handbag.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWe’ve all been in situations where our own, organised and period-happy bathroom is just too far out of reach. A camp site sadly lacking in sanitary bins, a crowded shopping centre toilet, an unfamiliar house, an overflowing office bathroom…I still remember the horrors of an unexpected underwear disaster in the middle of my first Festival Weekend. But unfortunately situations like these are no match for menstruation. So the purpose of the Fab Little Bag is essentially to be your replacement bin. When you can’t get to a bin, or don’t want to use one, the Little Bag is there to store away all the items you dread carrying around with you throughout the day.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThey’re really easy to use, the packaging is wonderfully environmentally friendly, and they bags themselves are just thick enough to disguise anything you don’t want the general public to spot. Personally, as a busy student, office worker and blogger, I’m usually found dashing about all over the city to get to my next appointment, so I loved how versatile they were for travelling. The branding, although bright and colourful, isn’t actually that easy to spot in your handbag, and there is absolutely nothing on the bags themselves to reveal what they’re designed for, which I found incredibly comforting.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAlthough I firmly stand by the principle that nothing about menstruation should be shameful, hidden away or embarrassing – if, like me, you’re not entirely comfortable carrying around a collection of used tampons in your purse, then a solution like this one might just be right for you.

To find out more information, or to pick one up yourself, check out the Fab Little Bag website. The product was designed by a group of fantastic people, who, when your own body tries to make like hard, are determined to make it easier. I really do recommend that everyone picks up their own Fab Little Bag, as you never know when you’ll need to dispose of a body. I mean…tampon. Hm.

If you enjoyed this post, please feel free to indulge in my previous one: Budget Beauty Blenders, and I hope you have a fantastic week!



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