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For the longest time, I’ve been residing in the anti-beauty blender camp. With skin as fickle as mine, and as dry and as porous, the idea of bashing a soggy foundation soaked sponge all over my face first thing in the morning really didn’t apply. I’m a buffer brush girl at heart, and when it comes to make up, taking risks isn’t really my style.

However, on a complete whim, I picked one up. On a busy shopping day with my friend, in our city centre H&M, I suddenly decided that – yes, I did need to add something else to the growing pile of items in my arms, and that thing was a beauty blender. The single H&M Beauty Blender, which I believe I picked up for around £2.99, is a purple teardrop sponge with a ribbed, pointed tip, and is magic.


Ok, perhaps not magic. But it has honestly changed my mind on the beauty blender craze – I’m entirely obsessed with them from here on it. Delicately absorbent, a few drops of water can dampen the entire sponge perfectly for smooth application. The texture of the sponge is so soft and malleable, it’s incredibly gentle on skin, and the rough patches of my face have definitely felt the difference from the brushes.


The pointed tip is perfect for those tricky areas to apply, working concealer and brighteners under the eyes and around the nose beautifully. The smooth, even courage seems to be a product of every foundation I’ve tried out recently; even some of the ‘creamer’ solutions have blended surprisingly well into my skin.


So the single teardrop blender was working out great for me, however,  by that point, I’d caught the beauty blender bug and just had to get my hands on more! So, obviously, within the next 48 hours, I’d picked up three more blenders. Designed for the more intricate facial applications, these sponges, although perhaps lacking the flexibility of the original, are definitely a lot of fun to use and work well during contour and highlight applications too!


The double ended sponge, personally, I’ve come to love just as much as my teardrop blender, and it works so well blending out any blemishes or stark bronzer lines – smoothing out your complexion to a flawless finish.


Whilst my previous post on the Danielle make up brushes might have been recommended to those relatively new or inexperienced to make up application, the beauty blender is potentially better suited to an aged veteran of the contour. They take a little time to adjust to, especially having used brushes or fingers for such a long time, but once you get the hang of them – not only are the H&M blenders budget friendly, they’re also great for your skin and make up too.

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4 thoughts on “My Budget-friendly Beauty Blenders | Beauty

    1. Hi Savvyzone, thank you so much for the lovely comment and sorry I didn’t spot it sooner! H&M beauty is surprisingly good quality, I would highly recommend it. And I love your blog! Would you like to collaborate some time? x


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