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Beyond the oval brushes I reviewed for my Blogmas 2016, I’ve never actually written a beauty post for a set of make up brushes. The first set of brushes I ever owned were a non-brand eBay purchase, which, although adorable, weren’t a collection I felt I could blog about.

But for Christmas, as I steadily made my way through the many many beauty products I unwrapped last year, I received a full set of Danielle baby pink made-for-everything brushes…and I couldn’t stop myself from reviewing them.


With gorgeously chunky handles for an easy grip, and pastel pink bases with a rose gold metal wrap, you couldn’t ask for a prettier blogger-friendly brush. They’re about five seconds away from dominating my Instagram account, and were so naturally adorable, editing these photos took no time at all.



I should also point out that, as well as the cute Danielle branding on one side of the handle, each different brush has a specific function printed on the other. Although I completely understand that some make up artists might find that a little patronising, or instead, will simply ignore them and use each brush however they like, I actually found it really helpful. Having been applying and adapting my make up techniques from the age of 14, my general approach to it is based on what my friends recommend, old videos from deleted beauty guru profiles and all the super-handy tricks found in Mizz magazine. And whilst absorbing myself in the world of beauty blogging has definitely helped, I’ll never turn down a little guidance in this area.


From the spoolie brow brush to the contour, you could happily complete your entire look with these brushes alone. Well, perhaps not the daft black sponge every brush collection is determine to include – despite the fact that most make up artists stopped using them in 2007. But with each brush having a uniquely designated purpose, it’s so easy to just sit down and get to work.


One thing I would have to comment on, however, is the ever so slightly  poor construction of the brushes – I’ve had to superglue several heads to handles in the last month to stop them from  wobbling during application. A few of the bigger brush heads actually separated from their handles entirely in my make up bag – so I would definitely recommend keeping on eye on that little flaw for a while.


Despite this, the brush hairs are all of a seriously good quality, and surprisingly, have managed to stay surprisingly clean for the amount of times I use them per week. Soft powder brushes, neatly curved eye concealer brushes, and perfectly pointed crease contouring tips for blending. For each nook and crease of your face, there’s a handy little brush ready to help.

Good value, good quality, and adorably photogenic – these are brushes designed and packaged just for bloggers. And, even better, the Danielle brand stocks more than just brushes – so go and check her out because she is genuinely fabulous.

Thanks for reading, and have a fantastic Sunday!

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