Cowshed Beauty Cracker | Skincare

With the weary dregs of the festive season slowly fading from our skin, I thought it was time to finally break into the sack of skincare goodies lying at the bottom of my bed. After a month of cold weather, rich food and many a late night party I desperately needed some high quality pampering.

Cowshed is a brand I’ve always been curiously tempted to try. Their natural, rural aesthetic will forever appeal to that lost forgotten dream inside me to leave the city and rule a country farm somewhere… Plus the irony of their crudest products has always struck a chord with my daft sense of humour. Yet for some reason, I’ve never found the time to give them a go.

P1070210 (1).jpg

The packaging of this particular cracker, however, with its adorable grey bow ties, and streaked wooden boxing caught my eye so quickly in this stocking my greedy little fingers snatched it up right away. Although perhaps a little un-friendly to excited bloggers, desperately trying to find out what’s inside without damaging the yet-to-be photographed cracker, even without opening the ends, you can still appreciate its appeal on your vanity table.


The Cowshed Cracker actually came with a variety of options, with different products inside each box – mine, however, contained a dainty little skin scrub, and a daily moisturiser, of the wonderfully named ‘bullocks’ branding. When it comes to facial scrubs or exfoliants, I’m always a little wary. My skin can be dry at the best of times, so dragging rough, brittle flecks across it can, occasionally, damage it further. So I’m constantly on the hunt for something a little bit softer.


Described as a ‘refined facial scrub’, the Bullocks product is a much gentler solution, with almost invisible exfoliating stones that very cautiously buff your skin into submission. It’s a lovely product to apply, and smells beautifully fresh on your skin. Both the moisturiser and the scrub have been blended to contain hemp wood oil – typically used in carpentry and furniture polishing, but a substance that settles any flaring or discolouration in your skin just the same.


The moisturiser, on the other hand, is one that has worked its way so easily into my morning routine I barely even notice how many times I apply it a day. Although both products are recommended to be used before and after shaving, but beyond the odd streak of upper lip fuzz, these guidelines rarely apply here. A cooling, lightweight solution that glides onto your skin and absorbs quickly for make up or facial product application, it’s the perfect accompaniment to the scrub. Both smell and share many of the same properties, helping your skin to stay clear of heavy duty scents and unnecessary layers of product.


My only flaw – they’re so tiny I keep having to refresh my supply, and I’m rapidly becoming dependent on them to keep my skin looking so healthy!

Thank you so much for reading my first beauty post of the year – and I hope your skincare routines are warming back up again after the Christmas chill!


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