Goals and Dreams for 2017

Before I begin, I should state: this is not one of those ‘New Year, New Me’ posts. Although I’m a firm believer in the powers of reinvention, I’m pretty sure after 20 years of existence, I’m running low on new identities to adopt.

This is, however, a New Year, New Blog post. I graduate university in less than five months, and beyond that my future is a little uncertain. As everyone knows, nothing is set in stone, and with the surprises, tragedies and unrivalled death toll of 2016 still hanging heavy in the air it’s a risky move to rely on what tomorrow will bring.


But, with my fingers and toes firmly crossed, one thing I sincerely hope will see me through 2017, is my blog. With all the digital skills I’m learning at work and the growing trends of internet success, my blog can only get better from here on out. So I thought I’d list a couple of the goals I hope to achieve by this time next year – to motivate myself into action in this most hopeful of years.

Social Media


As shallow as this goal might seem, I want to excel at the powers of social networking and communication. I want only the classiest of Instagram profiles, and only the sharpest of Tweets on my feed. I want to build up Tweet schedules and time-sensitive Instagram uploads. I don’t ever want to lie in bed at night, worrying about my inactive feeds, praying I won’t be forgotten and lost behind the social media giants dedicated to their craft.With my thumb poised over that Hootsuite download, I want to bring in the New Year knowing exactly what I’m going to do, say and share with the people wonderful enough to follow me.

 Blog MaintenanceP1030068.jpg

For me, this means spending less time choosing that perfect header image and more time working on the content I’m trying to promote. No more rush jobs, no more late night uploads and no more posting without proofreading. One of the highlighted jobs on my to-do list for this month is to go back and proofread every single one of my Blogmas posts, as so many went up carelessly that I’m almost ashamed to share them. Daily blogging is hard, but that’s no excuse for lazy typos and unchecked grammar.

Blogger Communication


After working with Me Becoming Mum on our Christmas Tag last year, I’ve realised just how much I enjoy communicating with other bloggers. They’re always so much fun to talk to, and it’s so inspiring to share this passion I have with someone else who feels the same. So this year has to be one of me + bloggers – whether that means heading out to blogger events, setting up a blogger event myself, or simply chatting to them on Twitter. The blogging community is both vast and select, and I’d love to get to know more of the writers within it.



As previously mentioned, I finish my university course in May 2017. And with each day that passes, I get more and more excited for it to end. Although I’ve met some amazing people at university, and gained so many opportunities through it, the actual course itself just isn’t right for me. I can spend days on end, miserably writing out essays and attending lectures and reading for seminars, always wishing that I was blogging instead. I feel guilty whenever I prioritise an essay over a blog post, and I simply cannot wait for that constant dread of a deadline to be finished forever. And so, by June this year, whether I’m in full time employment, part time or simply drifting, my blog will finally be my top priority – and that’s something I never thought I’d get to say.

Reestablishing My Creativity


Did I ever mention just how much I hate writing about myself? It’s the easiest topic, I’ll admit, to write about my feelings and dreams and thoughts…but oh god I hate it. And beyond this post, I’ll be shutting my first person voice out in the cold, and reigniting that creative voice I missed so much during Blogmas. I want to write my blog posts like stories, with descriptions that make you feel and language that reads as luxury. I want to make you feel cosy and soft when you read them, with only the most beautiful and calming of words working their way into my writing. No more ‘like’, no more ‘hate’, no more ‘nice’. I started this blog to showcase the creativity I’ve always longed to demonstrate, and now I’ve got the chance, there’s no way I’m wasting it.

What are your blogging goals for 2017? Let me know in the comments below, or send me a message if you just fancy a chat. (See, I’m starting one of my goals early!)

Thank you so much for reading. I wish you all a truly Happy New Year, and good luck for 2017!


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