Festive Bath Bomb Haul | Blogmas Day 22

As the nights draw in and our evenings feel colder than ever, in this cosy festive period there’s nothing better than sinking into a hot, relaxing bubble bath. Putting your feet up at the end of the tub, grabbing that book you’ve been meaning to read all year and lighting your favourite therapeutic candles and letting the stresses of Christmas just fade away.


But if you’re a seasonal soul like me, shutting the bathroom door on Christmas never quite works. I love the festive scents, flavours and bath products available at this time of year, as make any bathtime moment feel that little bit more magical. And this year, I’ve collected up some truly beautiful bath bombs, salts and soaps.

Lush Golden Wonder

It wouldn’t be a bath bomb haul without a couple of Lush products thrown in for good measure now, would it? But this bath bomb, the beautiful gift shaped golden wonder with its sweet honey lime scents and glitter dipped bow sits beautifully at the side of any bathtub, so I felt it was worth the cliche.


Immersed elegantly into a bubbling stream of hot water, this fragrant composition makes for a perfect morning, or evening bath, if you want a little homely zing to open up the senses. It settles clouds of gold over the water and allows you to sit in a haze of luxury and festivity – the perfect seasonal opulence.

Herbal Rose Soaps

If you haven’t seen enough of the herbs in the kitchen this festive season, and can handle the herbal scents away from the stuffing of the turkey and the seasoning of the sprouts – these beautifully dainty might just suit you nicely. Swirled into delicate hearts and embedded floral crumbles, these are the perfect evening bathing companions for the rural, the country and the kitsch bathers amongst us.



Dissolving yourselves in these bitesize drops of smooth, chocolatesque soap is the ultimate way to unwind after a busy day of merriment!

Gingerbread Bath Fizzer

Nothing says Christmas like a good old bite of gingerbread. And that warm, freshly baked gingerbread scent will always make you feel cosy and festive. So a gingerbread shaped, scented and decorated bath bomb…how could anyone possibly resist?


It’s a gorgeously strong scented fizzer, that sparks through your bathwater with heat and spices that just fill the room and spark along your limbs as you immerse yourself completely. A Poundland bargain of surprisingly quality, this is a gift just waiting to be shared that looks far more glamorous than its source.

Lush Shoot For The Stars

You must have seen this bomb on the Lush shelves. It’s a bright spark of colour that’s impossible to ignore in any Lush store across the country, with a scent that simply draws you in. With the deep dark blue sphere dissolving and fizzing so softly into the water, it changes the liquid around to a sea of inky swirls that’s irresistible for dipping fingers and toes into. But, even better, the little gold glitter stars are infused with essential oils and magical soap solidity that holds them in place as their galaxy collapses.



Smoothing the butter soft soaps across your skin and lining your body with a sheen of glitter, you step out of the bath feeling like a goddess, designed for a higher purpose than the mere empty bubble bath.

Ginger Soap Savon

The friend who gifted me this soap is a true festive thespian, who knows me far too well, and can sense the scents of my heart from within. Designed, milled and packaged in Scotland (much like my boyfriend) and scented with the sweetest natural ginger (also like my boyfriend) this is such a creamy, luxurious bath product I’m still slightly afraid to use it for fear of spoiling it.


It’s beautiful tin fits snugly into the lining of our bathtub, and it makes for a truly traditional Christmas gift – leaving your skin as warm and fresh as, well, gingerbread. I adore it, her, and the boy it reminds me of.


Who says that Christmas needs to be busy and stressful? Why not take the time to relax, indulge and luxuriate yourself this festive season with only the finest soaps, bombs and fizzers this winter.

Thank you for reading, and I will see you all tomorrow as the days to Christmas rapidly escape me!


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