PS. I love you…r make up brushes | Blogmas Day 21

Even though the Christmas party buzz has faded, there’s still an tingle of excitement in the air, as Christmas Day is only 4 sleeps away! And once the big day arrives, everything becomes that little bit more magical. Every mundane act you do will feel different on Christmas Day. As Michael McIntyre joked ‘even taking a wee on Christmas Day feels different’.


And so, when it comes to dolling yourself up for the day, shouldn’t your make up feel a little bit more special too? How about applying your foundation with brushes of copper?  With glossy handles and soft bristles and beautifully curved brush heads? With brushes that look slightly look shoe brushes, but blend foundation evenly and smoothly?


The PS Foundation brushes, although perhaps unconventionally shaped and designed, are a surprisingly versatile tool when it comes to applying your foundation. Available in collections of 3 descending sizes, there’s brush for each nook, cranny and curve in your face. A tiny brush for concealer portions – under the eyes, around the nostrils and lining the lips. A medium brush for the slightly larger areas, like the chin, nose and jawline – and a large brush for the bigger surface areas of your face: your cheeks and forehead.


Despite PS’ typically cheap production, given that they are technically a Primark brand, this product is surprisingly luxurious in its design, with the bristles being a solid mass of individually soft strands, which glide across your face perfectly. Without the flexibility of a fluffy foundation brush, the foundation only goes where you need it to, and the bristles are so close together hardly any product remains on the brush. For those of you who, like me, are the worst at cleaning your make up brushes – this might just save your life.


The handles are a lightweight plastic, which makes for easy manipulation of the brush. And they do genuinely make for a beautiful addition to any make up bag and will look absolutely stunning on your dressing table. You’ll notice a definite change in your make up, and might even find it a more efficient way of applying it! Anything to save me time in the morning is something I’ll fight to get my hands on, so if you’re anything like me, you’ll pick some up tomorrow!

As Christmas is only 4 days away, I hope you’re all getting ready for the big day and enjoying these final few blogmas posts!


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