My Blogging Tips for 2017 | Blogmas Day 20

For many of us, 2016 has been a little dark. From political injustices to presidential idiocracies, this year has been one of obituaries, invasions and dark times for the national as a whole. It’s been a year we’re all more than happy to leave behind us, and to start looking forward to 2017 – a year already better than its predecessor.



And in terms of our wonderful little blogging community, there have been some major changes that 2016 welcomed in in style. New tags, the rise of the male bloggers, and the revolution of independent women taking control of their digital footprint – one gorgeous ankle boot at a time. But for a blogger who celebrated success in 2016, or perhaps didn’t achieve all they wanted to, the thought of 2017 can be a scary one. Evolving technologies, rising product expenses and crowded markets can be a little overwhelming for the solo blogger, so I thought I’d come up with a few fresh marketing tips to help you take 2017 by storm!

Master the art of SEO.


In this day and age, a good blogger should know how to fully optimise their site. They should understand the technological processes behind its authority on the internet, and at least be able to market their content in the right way, to find that right crowd of readers to enjoy it. Make use of your keywords, your meta descriptions, your titles and your image descriptions to boost your brand through search engine options. Venture into optimising coding and ensure that every section of your site is water-tight in terms of relevant SEO tricks.PC210234.jpg

Use your social media to your advantage

Although social media has an entirely different aesthetic depending on which platform you land on, each community has the exact same purpose. To remind your followers and friends that you still exist. To make them think and consider and talk to you. Social gratification is something we all need to accept is a natural human craving, and we should be using that to our advantage! If you think your content is truly worth sharing, then surely people should be reading that, rather than caring about your ‘what I had for breakfast’ update on Instagram.PC210259.jpg

Avoid too much tagging

Tags don’t bode well for bloggers. In terms of optimisation, they’re an SEO nightmare as search engines likeย Google or Bing can’t compute unoriginal content and will shunt your blog as far down their result page as possible. Tags, although fun and a great ‘oh no I don’t have time to write a proper post’ filler, shouldn’t be used too often if you want your blog to get noticed.PC210217.jpg

Stock up on beautiful photography

If you thought the aesthetic competition of 2016 was bad, just you wait and see what 2017 has to offer. With more lenses, cameraphones and amateur photography equipment being available to the public, anyone can take beautiful photos for their websites. You just need to make sure yours are the best. If this is something you really care about, then make the time to get it right. Find that marble slab, carve out the hours of the day and take that perfect shot. Upping your blogging game involves more than just over frequent posting.PC210246.jpg

Advertise your intelligence

To the naked eye, the blogging community is girly. It’s a community of banal eye-shadow reviews and baking tutorials with little importance to the progression of society. And in 2017, we need to prove that assumption wrong. Find a cause and blog about it. Start a virtual revolution against a political cause. Inform the public of a private injustice. Post your summer lookbooks alongside your Guardian literature reviews. We’re the community that figured out virtual escapism isn’t limited to fan-girling and Call of Duty. We’re content creators…so it’s time to create some damn good content.PC210251.jpg

In 2017, I want to bring my A game when it comes to planing my future. I know that blogging is something I want to do, and it’s up to me to fight for that opportunity. Job experiences and political insights and intelligent writing and personal life experiences are irreplaceable skills we’ve learned from 2016. We learned how to mourn inspiration people, and how to care about situations our politicians never could. We achieved so much in 2016, and we lost so much too. So before considering what we might lose in 2017, let’s show it who’s boss first.

The new year is right around the corner, and I’m going to be ready for it when it hits.

Who’s with me?


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